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Comic Rants: The Best Plot Twist that Never Happened

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All-Star SupermanI make no exaggeration when I say that All-Star Superman is the best Superman story of all time. It’s also one of the best comic book stories in history, with everything meticulously and lovingly placed. Despite the obvious care with which it was written, though, my favorite part of the story isn’t technically there.

(Spoilers for those who haven’t read All-Star Superman below. I highly recommend reading the story first before I ruin it for you.)

One of the best fan theories in the story comes from Cole Moore Odell back in 2008, which states that Superman’s ally Leo Quintum is actually a time-displaced Lex Luthor who became a good guy after Superman’s “death” at the end of the series. And that theory works perfectly. Continue reading


The Original Death of Superman

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The death of Superman is an iconic moment in comics that brought a new level of introspection and insight to comics. It should rightfully be regarded as a true classic.


No, not that one. I’m talking about the original death of Superman, which was an “imaginary story” (basically DC’s version of Marvel’s “What-If” comics) that occurred in Superman #149.

Green Kryptonite

All that plotting…and the best line he could come up with is “You’re in super-trouble?”

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The Definitive Superman vs. Luthor Encounter

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All-Star SupermanIn my opinion, All-Star Superman is the best Superman story ever told. Not only does it capture the heart of the character, but it embraces all the crazy stuff from the Silver Age while somehow making it not suck. It’s a good example of how you can take even the silliest stuff from superhero comics and make them work by using them in a serious manner.

There are a lot of great parts in this 12-issue series, but my favorite issue doesn’t show Superman in costume at all. It’s the one that deals specifically with Clark Kent and Lex Luthor. The final exchange between the two summarizes the entire Superman/Lex Luthor relationship to me.

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Superman’s Secret Identity

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Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #63Clark Kent’s glasses are both the most iconic and most ridiculed superhero disguise in comic book history. The disguise has been parodied in Saturday Night Live, called out as ridiculous in The Adventures of Lois and Clark, and called “the ludicrous glasses disguise” by David Goyer, one of the writers behind Man of Steel. How far can a pair of glasses and a changed hair style really get a person?

Well, actually, pretty far. Continue reading

Superhero Makeovers: Superman

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It doesn't get much more iconic than Superman flying to the rescue.A physical marvel, a mental wonder, SUPERMAN is destined to reshape the destiny of a world!

It is very unlikely that even Superman’s creators Jerry Siegel and Joel Shuster expected those words from Action Comics #1 to come true. While not the first comic book hero with super powers, Superman is the character who defined what a superhero was. He had incredible powers, a flashy costume, a secret identity, and adventures that got weirder and weirder as time went on.
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Crowning Moments of Awesome: The DCAU

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The best comic book adaptation of all time!When it comes to comic adaptations, the DC Animated Universe (DCAU) is pretty much the cream of the crop. Running for over a decade, the shared universe included Batman: the Animated Series, Superman: the Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and the various tie-in movies and comics that connected to them. While the animated series aren’t comics, I think they’re awesome enough to deserve a list of Crowning Moments of Awesome all their own.

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Lex Luthor: The Unsympathetic Protagonist

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Lex's wonderful new toy.I buy one comic a week. Twice every month, the means an issue of The Incredible Hulks, which, much to my delight, is currently a bimonthly book. As of late, the other half of the time has been spent catching up on Action Comics, which currently stars Lex Luthor and is written by Paul Cornell. It’s an excellent comic and quite fascinating because Lex Luthor violates everything I’ve learned about writing a protagonist. Namely, there’s nothing really likable about Lex, but the story is great anyway.

As a writer, I’ve always been taught that a likable protagonist is key to a story. Even if he’s not a good guy, if he can be funny or charming, the story can be successful. But Lex Luthor is neither funny nor charming. Really, he’s a total train wreck. He’s currently traveling the globe in a plot to conquer the world using residual energy left behind by Black Lanterns in the recent Blackest Night event. His first action in the story was to fire an employee for telling him that his demands are unreasonable. The employee flipped out and attacked him, so Lex had the employee executed later on. He’s also running around with a Lois Lane sexbot. No, there’s no ambiguity about it – he calls her Lois, she’s designed with some of Lois Lane’s DNA, and there is a scene where they’re lying naked in bed together. Moreover, the issue I read most recently involved Lex speaking with Death after he took a nasty fall, in which Death reveals one of his greatest sexual fantasies…which apparently involves some pretty kinky Lex-on-Loisbot action. And this isn’t Lex secretly lusting after Lois Lane – his fantasies all involve the robot version, even if the real Lois was made available to him.

I think one of the draws to Action Comics is just how messed up Luthor is. He’s an unlikable protagonist, but viewing his psyche and what he does when Superman isn’t around is like watching a train wreck. The other draw is definitely the Lois robot. For an android, she’s a fascinating character with a hidden agenda all her own. She’s got style, she’s got charm, and she’s got chain guns in her arms.

I can’t put my finger on exactly why Action Comics is a great read right now, although the psycho Lex and sexy Lois action-bot are definitely the two big draws. One thing is for sure, though – Paul Cornell is doing a heck of a job demonstrating that you don’t necessarily need a likable protagonist to tell a really good story.