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Ryoko - Screamsheet icon, space pirate, secret lover...Welcome to the Screamsheet! This place can best be described as a reflection of my weird and fragmented personality. Here you’ll find rants both childish and mature, fiction both published and unpublished, music, videos, and anything else that might wander across my brain.

Where Memory Lane and Rejection Road Meet

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My house has too much stuff in it. I’ve been going through my possessions and deciding what needs to go. Finally, I came across my Big Box o’ Rejections:

Rejection Box

Hello, old friend.

When I first started writing, I decided to save all my rejection letters as a way to keep myself motivated. But now that rejections come electronically and are almost exclusively form letters – and now that I have a lengthy publications list – I don’t feel that I need it anymore. So this box has got to go.

The box itself contains rejections, old drafts of stories from writing workshops, and a few magazines and newspapers where I got my first publishing credits. As I sorted through old letters, I got the most enjoyment out of reading some old rejection letters from my high school days, when I wrote articles for Dragon Magazine.

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Bestiary: Deep Huntsman

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Deep HunstmanThis gaunt, human-like creature has beady red eyes and a wolf-like snout. Its unnaturally wide mouth seems stuck in a perpetual grin, showcasing its long canine teeth.

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TotoroBased on the character from Hayao Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro.

The King of the Forest, Totoro is a massive spirit of nature. Totoro is tied to nature and the world that cannot be seen by adults, and rules over the other spirits and sprites of rural Japan. His followers include other totoros, though they are much smaller than himself, and dust bunnies, small black sooty creatures that act as his spies of sorts. Totoro is a generally friendly sort who has a rather simple mind. He spends most of his time sleeping, and has a soft spot for children.

Totoro can only be found if he wants to be. He is invisible to adults, although his influence is all about them as his breath makes strong winds grow and the dances that he performs with his followers can make trees and other plants grow. He usually wanders about during the night and sleeps during the day. He takes his Catbus to various places around Japan during the nights, and children have been known to see him standing by bus stops. Despite his imposing size and loud snoring, Totoro is a friendly sort and tends to do his best to help those who need him, even if they cannot see him and do not believe in him.

In a game, Totoro has little use in the way of action or combat. Those who would attack him probably cannot see him, and he is not meant for combat purposes. He is best suited to light-hearted games, and can serve as a helper or just as comic relief.

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Random Blogness: RPG Superstar, round two

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Shining Star

Shining Star, by Lilla Frerichs

As I mentioned previously, I’m in the top 32 for Paizo Publishing’s 2015 RPG Superstar contest. This round was designing a map, which I now know is extremely difficult. Voting has now opened to the public and will remain open until Monday.

If you have an account at Paizo.com, all you need to do is click here to view all 32 maps and select the 8 options that you would like to see advance to the next round. I certainly won’t complain if I’m one of those options – I’d love to be one of the top 16 who gets to design a new Pathfinder monster.

If you don’t have a Paizo.com account but do play Pathfinder and want a voice in the contest, you can click here to create an account. This gives you a chance to communicate with other gamers on the message boards, purchase products directly from Paizo…and, of course, vote in the RPG Superstar contest.

If you don’t have an account and aren’t interested in creating one, please just wish me luck!

Random Blogness: RPG Superstar!

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Shield with FaceI had planned on using this update to showcase The Hero’s Breath, a magic item I created for the Pathfinder RPG. I had entered it into Paizo’s RPG Superstar contest, but I was expecting the same rejection I get every year around this time.

Well, surprise of surprises, I landed in the Top 32 of RPG Superstar 2015. Now I’m spending my free time this week frantically trying to put together a map that can advance me even further. Quite honestly, I think this is going to be the hardest round in the contest.

To view The Hero’s Breath and the commentary/criticism offered by those who judged it, click right here.

Voting for the next round gets underway on Tuesday, so I’ll post a link to a map which will hopefully impress, inspire, and get me into the Top 16.

Superhero Makeovers: Spider-Man (revised for 2015)

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Ah, Spider-Man...you used to be so cool.And a lean, silent figure slowly fades into the gathering darkness, aware at last that in this world, with great power there must also come — great responsibility!

Spider-Man used to be one of my favorite comic book characters. Now he’s not. Those who have read one particular storyline can probably guess why. If you can’t, we’ll be getting to that soon enough.

I originally took a look at Spider-Man’s history in 2010, and a few things have changed since them. So here’s a revised look at the evolution of New York City’s friendly neighborhood wall-crawler. Continue reading

21 Faces, chapter seven: Suicide is Painless

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"Picture me Broken ID" by Dpressed Soul

“Picture me Broken ID” by Dpressed Soul

Previous Chapter

Robin had locked her lab tight since I had left, but the door couldn’t withstand a few good kicks from my new dead man’s shoes. The lock broke with a loud crack and the door swung open. Maybe Robin heard it, if she was still upstairs. Maybe she could still track me through the tattoo, even though what remained of my hand was wrapped tightly with bandages that were even now beginning to seep through with blood. I really didn’t care. I only needed a moment.

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