Review Roundup: The Fall of the Red King

The Hulk takes on the Red King one last time.The last week has brought some more Planet Hulk reviews from me. These two issues bring us the final days of the reign of the Red King as the Green Scar finally exacts his revenge and becomes the hero of planet Sakaar. The big question, though, is how long will the good times last?

Incredible Hulk #101 (Planet Hulk: Allegiance, part one)

Incredible Hulk #102 (Planet Hulk: Allegiance, part two)

Coming up is my single favorite issue of The Incredible Hulk ever, followed by the heart-breaking conclusion to Planet Hulk.

Review Roundup: More Planet Hulk

The Incredible Hulk #98The past week or so has seen a continuation of my ongoing Planet Hulk reviews over at the Complete Marvel Reading Order, moving through the end of Planet Hulk: Anarchy and into Planet Hulk: Allegiance.

The Incredible Hulk #98 (Planet Hulk: Anarchy, part three)

The Incredible Hulk #99 (Planet Hulk: Anarchy, part four)

The Incredible Hulk #100 (Planet Hulk: Allegiance, part one and more in a giant-sized anniversary issue)

In the reviews, I forgot to mention that I got a letter published in Hulk #100. Yay me, though.

Film Rants: The Phantom of the Opera (1925 silent film)

The poster for the 1925 film.For most people, the 1925 adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera is the first time Gaston Leroux’s novel reached the big screen. Technically, this isn’t the case, as there was a Russian film based on the novel released in 1916. Whether that was any good, only the people who saw it over a century ago know; no copies of the film remain. So for our discussion of The Phantom of the Opera and its many adaptations, we have to skip over the first one and go right to the 1925 silent film starring Lon Chaney – which isn’t too bad a deal, since the silent film is pretty darned good.


Random Blogness: Review Roll Call

The Incredible Hulk #96Since I’m now doing multiple comic reviews a week, I figure it will be easier for me to just give one weekly update on recent reviews rather than put up a new post with each review. If you guys prefer getting updates as each new review goes up, let me know and I’ll go back to the old way.

This time around, I’m continuing with my reviews of Planet Hulk, since it is a huge saga in comic book terms. The last week and change has brought three new reviews:

Giant-Size Hulk #1

The Incredible Hulk #96 (Planet Hulk: Anarchy, part one)

The Incredible Hulk #97 (Planet Hulk: Anarchy, part two)

This week I’m finishing off Planet Hulk: Anarchy, which will bring us just past the halfway point in the Planet Hulk saga.

Random Blogness: Wrapping up Planet Hulk: Exile

Over at the CHulk versus Silver Surferomplete Marvel Reading Order, my reviews of the classic storyline Planet Hulk have hit the end of the first arc. The review for The Incredible Hulk #95 can be found here. It features the Hulk squaring off against his long-time frenemy the Silver Surfer. As with the rest of the story so far, it is absolutely dynamite.

Next time around, we get a bit of a break with side stories by Greg Pak and Peter David in Giant Size Hulk #1.