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The Weirdness of Golden Age Batman

Posted in Comic Books, Comics, Humor, Rants with tags , , , on April 13, 2015 by Charlie Brooks

Batman-1To somebody used to the grim and brooding modern Batman, Golden Age stories involving the Caped Crusader are fairly weird. From Batman’s occasional habit of gunning criminals down to the appearance of aliens and monsters every few issues, it’s safe to say that the Dark Knight took a few years to find his footing. Case in point: Batman #1 from 1940, which introduced the character of Catwoman, known then merely as the Cat.

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5 Major Plot Holes That Aren’t

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Hans GruberI love the Internet like a sibling – a sibling with very little social grace or common sense who is constantly embarrassing me at parties. I love the fact that it provides me with an outlet to gab on endlessly about things I like and vent about things I dislike. But with that territory comes a degree of frustration. In some cases, this is just minor irritation. In others, usually a result of a poorly-worded image search, it results in screaming horror that makes me want to stick my thumbs into my eyes. I’m going to focus on the former right now and save the eye-gouging for later.

Movies are one of those areas that I tend to read up about a lot and one of those areas where people tend to get me grinding my teeth. Almost all movies tend to have plot holes, but there are certain holes that people just won’t let go. They reach a viral level and become repeated by everybody who wants to take a shot at popular cinema. The most popular of these tend to irritate the Hell out of me because they aren’t actually plot holes. Continue reading

The Hierarchy of Fandom and Why it’s Bullshit

Posted in Comic Books, Life in General, Pathfinder, Rants, RPG Rants with tags , , on October 20, 2014 by Charlie Brooks

The Batman logoWhile reading through an article on (which, though it shames me to admit it, is a thing I do once in a while), I came across this tidbit that implored people to shut up about Batman:

You are not a fan of Batman. Very few people truly are. Understand, that’s not a knock against Batman. It’s a knock against you for being angry at me for having the audacity to question your love of Batman when you’ve “seen, like, all of the movies.” OK, well, so have I, but that’s just because I’m a fan of movies. That doesn’t make me some kind of Batman historian by any stretch of the imagination, though. Until you can list the names of comic book writers and illustrators I won’t recognize and don’t give a shit about anyway, I have every reason to doubt the authenticity of your claims to Batman super-fandom.

This is, quite honestly, bullshit. I’m not going to blame the writer for it, though. The guy’s writing for, and it’s foolish to take anything presented there as anything more than an amusing diversion.

My problem is not with this particular article. My problem is that many nerds tend to present that same point of view, and not as a joke for a list-based comedy website. There’s a large portion of nerd culture that seems to think you need to pass some sort of test in order to be considered a fan of something, and that attitude is asinine. Continue reading

Out of Character is Serious Business

Posted in Comic Books, Rants with tags , , , on January 22, 2014 by Charlie Brooks

Incredible_Hulk_Annual_Vol_1_2000A long time ago, I witnessed a conversation between Paul Jenkins and a couple fans on the Hulk message board I moderate.

The fans were complaining about the Incredible Hulk Annual 2000, which is infamous for being the issue where the Hulk acts like an ape in heat and picks a fight with the Avengers for the purpose of banging his cousin.

That particular story is definitely one I’d like to forget, and I’m glad other writers have ignored it (well, except for Mark Millar, who for some reason is obsessed with the Hulk as an incestuous rapist, but he’s thankfully been kept away from the character). However, one exchange that really stands out for me is when the fans insisted that “the Hulk wouldn’t do that.”

Jenkins, using a smiley face emoticon to emphasize the tongue-in-cheek nature of his next comment, responded, “Of course the Hulk would do that – he just did, didn’t he?”

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Why the Adam West Batman is my Favorite

Posted in Comic Books, Rants with tags , on December 30, 2013 by Charlie Brooks

Nanananananana...Batman!When it comes to live-action portrayals of Batman, I am in the increasing minority who prefers the Adam West version from the campy 1960s TV series. While I do love the Christian Bale depiction of the character and I thought Michael Keaton did a good job despite Tim Burton botching those movies up, Adam West is definitely my Batman of choice. Here are the reasons why.

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Bond, Batman, and the Modern Franchise Film

Posted in Film, Rants with tags , on October 9, 2013 by Charlie Brooks

What's more awesome than Skyfall? Not very bloody much.It only took me a year, but I finally got around to seeing Skyfall. As has been the case with all the Daniel Craig Bond films (yes, even Quantum of Solace), the film is awesome not only as a Bond movie but also as general work of cinema. Among other things, it reminded me of how much I love Judi Dench as an actress and served as a sort of redemption for Sam Mendes, who I had begun to suspect had used up all of his talent directing American Beauty.

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Comic Book Rants: Ben Affleck is the Least of Our Problems

Posted in Comic Books, Film, Rants with tags , , on August 28, 2013 by Charlie Brooks

This is gonna suck...Ben Affleck is going to be Batman, and the Internet is not happy. But he’s not really the problem.

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