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Delving into the Book of Erotic Fantasy: Wear Protection

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Dungeons & Dragons 3rd edition introduced the Open Gaming License, which made huge chunks of the D&D rules open to third parties. It created thriving adventure lines, such as Dungeon Crawl Classics and even allowed the creation of competing games, such as Pathfinder. But by far one of the most simultaneously awesome and horrible products that emerged as a result of this license is the Book of Erotic Fantasy.

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D&D and Pathfinder: What’s the Difference?

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Pathfinder Dragon

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I tend to use Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder interchangeably. In a lot of ways, they’re the same game – after all, Pathfinder is directly derived from the 3rd edition D&D rules. At the same time, both games have evolved in different directions and provide a distinctly different feel at this point. If you’re looking to start a game using one of these systems, which do you choose?

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Weird Magic Items I Wish I’d Used

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Thanks to whatever weirdness inhabited the heads of Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax, fantasy gaming has some really bizarre stuff baked into its history. I’ve gamed long enough to use a lot of that weirdness (including my personal favorite, the deck of many things), but there’s still so much more out there. Here’s a quick list of some of the fun items in Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder that I’ve always wanted to slip into an adventure but have never quite been able to make fit. Continue reading

Random Blogness: More Mythic Adventures

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Mythic AdventuresWhen I decided to start running Paizo’s Wrath of the Righteous adventure path, I didn’t plan to make use of the mythic rules. I didn’t really want to learn a whole set of new rules, and I didn’t see what mythic added that high-level play couldn’t already do. My wife Sarah encouraged me to do it because she wanted some new options for her sorcerer, and in retrospect I’m now glad she did. The mythic portion of the campaign is admittedly still young, but so far this stuff is awesome. Continue reading

Accidental Themes in RPGs

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The Great Red Dragon, by William BlakeI have a habit of starting Pathfinder games as nothing more than beer and pretzel affairs, only to see them develop into something bigger. One of the prime examples of that would be my ongoing Night Below campaign, which has moved beyond the boxed adventure that serves as its namesake and is now borrowing heavily from the Wrath of the Righteous adventure path.

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve been able to run this game, and when I can’t run a game I tend to mull things over a lot and let certain ideas stew. This has led me to realize that what began as an excuse to string a bunch of dungeon crawls together has actually developed some Nietzschean themes over the past few years.

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