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The Weirdness of Golden Age Batman

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Batman-1To somebody used to the grim and brooding modern Batman, Golden Age stories involving the Caped Crusader are fairly weird. From Batman’s occasional habit of gunning criminals down to the appearance of aliens and monsters every few issues, it’s safe to say that the Dark Knight took a few years to find his footing. Case in point: Batman #1 from 1940, which introduced the character of Catwoman, known then merely as the Cat.

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Crowning Moments of Awesome: The DCAU

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The best comic book adaptation of all time!When it comes to comic adaptations, the DC Animated Universe (DCAU) is pretty much the cream of the crop. Running for over a decade, the shared universe included Batman: the Animated Series, Superman: the Animated Series, Batman Beyond, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, and the various tie-in movies and comics that connected to them. While the animated series aren’t comics, I think they’re awesome enough to deserve a list of Crowning Moments of Awesome all their own.

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Crowning Moments of Fatherhood

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Bruce Banner and favorite father-son duo in comics.Superhero comics are filled with daddy issues. Be it parents who have died as part of a character’s origin story, abusive stepfathers, or children who are somehow their own father, a lot of superhero comics place focus on the importance of father figures. Here’s my list of the most awesome and heartwarming father-child moments in superhero comics. All of these moments, of course, get the asterisk next to them that good parenting in comic-land is vastly different than good parenting in the real world. For example, Batman serves as a father figure to Robin, but in real life he’d be considered a monster for putting a child in harm’s way every night. So, placing on our reality-altering filters that allow spandex-clad vigilantes to be considered responsible figures, let’s dive into the list.

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Crowning Deaths of Awesome and Sadness

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Yeah, Superman is on the list.Comic book deaths are a punchline these days. A few years ago when Captain America died, no one expected the death to last more than two years, even though Marvel swore up and down that it would stick (sort of like how Spider-Man unmasking during Civil War was supposed to stick and not get retconned away thanks to a deal with the Devil). Despite the fact that a comic book death currently translates into little more than a cheap sales gimmick, there have still been some really good ones over the years. Even if they didn’t stick, they were chilling, touching, or otherwise hugely influential. What follows is my totally biased opinion of the best deaths comics has had to offer.

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Optimus Prime versus Batman and Robin

Posted in In This Corner with tags , , , on February 1, 2011 by Charlie Brooks

Can this badass robot take down Prep Time?Optimus Prime is a living legend among nerds and lovers of 1980s cartoons alike. He is also quickly rising through the ranks of this section, taking out opponent after opponent and compiling an impressive undefeated record. The Dynamic Duo opposing him is not so fortunate. They’ve taken the hard road to the Contest of Champions; Batman has been humbled more than once before finally teaming up with Robin to defeat the Ambiguously Gay Duo. We’ll see if the mean streets of Fight Town (oh god, I’m sorry I said that) have toughened them up enough to take down the current champ.

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Batman and Robin versus the Green Hornet and Kato

Posted in In This Corner with tags , , , on January 25, 2011 by Charlie Brooks

Two more dynamic duos square off.Batman and Robin return for their third go-round in the tag-team arena. This fight is using the Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson combo, despite the fact that Dick Grayson hasn’t been Robin for years (he’s currently running around as the new Batman). Facing off against them will be the Green Hornet, classic serial hero and grandson of the Lone Ranger, and Kato, his sidekick and chaffeur who was played by Bruce Lee in the old TV show. That means that Kato was much cooler than the Green Hornet, alas – the creative team on the TV show even had to ask Bruce Lee to tone down the whupass so he wouldn’t outshine the Green Hornet too much.

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Batman and Robin versus Captain America and Bucky

Posted in In This Corner with tags , , , on January 25, 2011 by Charlie Brooks

A couple of spandex-clad men and their erosmenos.Batman and Robin have been here before, and are well-known across America. Slightly less well-known is Captain America and that boy he used to date, Bucky. Well, he didn’t actually date Bucky, per se. Instead, he dragged the kid around with him behind enemy lines in World War II to fight the Nazis. Thanks to his callous disregard for a child’s welfare, America was able to defeat Hitler. Now we’re in the modern day, and Batman and Captain America are planning to exploit their kid sidekicks once again in an attempt to show who is the most dynamic duo of all.

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