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Agent 47 versus Max Payne

Posted in In This Corner with tags , on February 7, 2011 by Charlie Brooks

Time for some more dueling video game franchises.Agent 47 is the bald, cold-hearted cloned killer from the Hitman series. Max Payne is the hard-boiled noir action hero from the Max Payne series. Both of these poor guys have something in common in that their excellent video game franchises got hit with the Hollywood studio machine and turned into crappy video game movies. Now they get to take out their bitterness on each other.

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Tommy Vercetti versus Max Payne

Posted in In This Corner with tags , , on January 26, 2011 by Charlie Brooks

Ultraviolence and then some.Two of the meanest men in video games meet up in this battle. Tommy Vercetti is the main character of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He has the advantages of being voiced by Ray Liotta, being a badass, and being in one of the best-selling video game series ever. Battling against him is Max Payne, armed with his gritty film-noir attitude and bullet time shooting.

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Sam Spade versus Max Payne

Posted in In This Corner with tags , , on January 25, 2011 by Charlie Brooks

A noir battle.A newcomer to the fights page, Sam Spade is the hard-boiled detective hero of Dashiell Hammett’s novel The Maltese Falcon. The novel has been adapted to film numerous times, but none more successful or effective as the 1941 film starring Humphrey Bogart that established the film noir genre in America. Spade’s opponent will be Max Payne, the star of two very good video games who is finally getting out of the monotony of fighting Solid Snake again and again. Max is a hero in the mold of Spade, but has a bit more Hong Kong action theatre in him, adding such stunts as bullet time and two gun mojo to the noir repertoire.

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Max Payne versus Solid Snake 3

Posted in In This Corner with tags , , on January 23, 2011 by Charlie Brooks

Yep, we're doing this again.These two combatants have battled many times before on this page. By many times, I mean twice, but they’re still the only fighters so far to have had a rematch. Max Payne has won one, Snake won the other. Now these video game superheroes at each other’s throats once again.

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Max Payne versus Solid Snake 2

Posted in In This Corner with tags , , on January 22, 2011 by Charlie Brooks

The Screamsheet's first rematch.These two video game stars have faced off against each other before, so they really need no introduction here. Max Payne is the hard-nosed action noir hero with bullet time and an attitude, and Solid Snake is the angsty super soldier.

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Max Payne versus Solid Snake

Posted in In This Corner with tags , , on January 21, 2011 by Charlie Brooks

Some good ol' ultra violence with these two.In one corner we have Max Payne, star of the video game…Max Payne. He’s a film noir detective who pays homage to both the classics such as Sam Spade and the action heroes of today such as Chow Yun Fat. He’s addicted to pain killers and is armed with tricks such as limited bullet time action sequences and two gun mojo. In the other corner we have Solid Snake, the Alaskan super soldier from the Metal Gear games. Snake is a bioengineered killing machine, skilled at all the arts of the war. He killed his best friend with his bare hands on a mine field, and has taken on the massive nigh-indestructible mech known as Metal Gear on more than one occasion.

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