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The Most Perfect Superhero Film Casting Jobs (so far)

Posted in Comic Books, Rants with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on March 9, 2015 by Charlie Brooks

Iron Man and the AvengersSuperhero movies vary from extremely faithful adaptations to the realm of, “Why bother calling that giant cloud Galactus in the first place?” Similarly, casting our favorite superheroes has been a grab-bag of terrible choices, ideas that seemed bad originally but turned into pleasant surprises, and actors that so perfectly fit into their roles that it’s hard to imagine anybody else taking their place.

The list below deals with the latter, focusing on ten perfect casting choices in superhero movies. These are all obviously in my opinion, and they focus around actors that so thoroughly nailed their role that they wound up defining how the general public sees those characters. Those criteria do leave some great performances off the list, such as Adam West’s Batman or Heath Ledger’s Joker, since those characters have so many different interpretations that it’s hard to embrace just one.

Without further ado, here’s what I believe to be the ten best casting jobs in superhero movies so far: Continue reading


Terrible Things I Like

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A Tijuana Mama does unmentionable things to my digestive system, yet I still eat it.Liking something is an emotional experience that doesn’t always sync up with a logical mindset. There are several things which my rational mind recognizes as terrible but which I personally can’t get enough of. This is an examination of some of those things.

It’s worth noting that these are not guilty pleasures. A guilty pleasure is something that you feel bad about liking (i.e., the way Americans should feel about our obsession with reality TV). I feel no guilt or shame over liking these things – I just recognize that, from any logical and sensible perspective, they are terrible. Continue reading

Out of Character is Serious Business

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Incredible_Hulk_Annual_Vol_1_2000A long time ago, I witnessed a conversation between Paul Jenkins and a couple fans on the Hulk message board I moderate.

The fans were complaining about the Incredible Hulk Annual 2000, which is infamous for being the issue where the Hulk acts like an ape in heat and picks a fight with the Avengers for the purpose of banging his cousin.

That particular story is definitely one I’d like to forget, and I’m glad other writers have ignored it (well, except for Mark Millar, who for some reason is obsessed with the Hulk as an incestuous rapist, but he’s thankfully been kept away from the character). However, one exchange that really stands out for me is when the fans insisted that “the Hulk wouldn’t do that.”

Jenkins, using a smiley face emoticon to emphasize the tongue-in-cheek nature of his next comment, responded, “Of course the Hulk would do that – he just did, didn’t he?”

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Superheroes are Bastards, Marvel Edition

Posted in Comic Books, Rants with tags , , , on June 26, 2013 by Charlie Brooks

Honestly, Reed Richards might be the worst of them all.Previously in my uber-cynical breakdown of superheroes becoming horrible people, I looked at some of the paragons of the DC Universe. Now it’s time to take a look at the Marvel Universe.

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Review Roundup: I’m Back!

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Tony Stark deserves this.After a surprisingly busy holiday break, I’m back. Updates are on their way, but first I’ve got some more comics reviews. These are from the fairly painful World War Hulk crossovers, so read at your own risk.

Iron Man #19

Ghost Rider #12 (“Apocalypse Soon,” part one)

Heroes For Hire #11 (“Infestation,” part one)

Happy new year!

Thou Shalt not Kill

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Suuuuure it is, Bats.One of the oldest traditions in superhero comics is that the good guys don’t kill. There are exceptions out there, such as Wolverine, who is currently leading a child-killing death-squad in X-Force (okay, they only killed one child so far, and the repercussions are being handled pretty well) or the Punisher, whose body count is somewhere in the thousands. But in general, superheroes haven’t killed since the Silver Age or even before. But the question is, why? Certainly some villains (*cough*Joker*cough*) deserve their necks snapped. Why is it that these guys who dress up in pajamas and pursue vigilante justice don’t do what sometimes needs to be done?

In an attempt to answer that question, or at least look at how the code against killing developed, here’s a look at some of the more iconic superheroes and why they don’t kill.

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The Incredible Hulk versus Samus Aran

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Two of the most recurring characters on the page fight for the championship.It’s about that time again. Every once in a while, I crack open either Metroid: Fusion or Metroid: Zero Mission on my Nintendo DS, and get a-playing. And every time I do so, I get a renewed appreciation for how cool Samus Aran is. Samus will be trying her luck this time against one of the few characters who can eclipse her cool factor, the Incredible Hulk. Between the Hulk’s excellent ongoing series, currently written by Greg Pak, and the video game Ultimate Destruction, I never have to be reintroduced to how cool he is. Samus, however, will be introduced to the Hulk’s fists soon enough.

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