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5 Major Plot Holes That Aren’t

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Hans GruberI love the Internet like a sibling – a sibling with very little social grace or common sense who is constantly embarrassing me at parties. I love the fact that it provides me with an outlet to gab on endlessly about things I like and vent about things I dislike. But with that territory comes a degree of frustration. In some cases, this is just minor irritation. In others, usually a result of a poorly-worded image search, it results in screaming horror that makes me want to stick my thumbs into my eyes. I’m going to focus on the former right now and save the eye-gouging for later.

Movies are one of those areas that I tend to read up about a lot and one of those areas where people tend to get me grinding my teeth. Almost all movies tend to have plot holes, but there are certain holes that people just won’t let go. They reach a viral level and become repeated by everybody who wants to take a shot at popular cinema. The most popular of these tend to irritate the Hell out of me because they aren’t actually plot holes. Continue reading


Skeletor and Panthor versus Gandalf and Shadowfax

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Now Middle Earth will be mine!!!Yeah, I used to watch He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Big whoop, wanna fight about it? Masters of the Universe is one of my favorite toy/comic/TV franchises of all time, despite much of it not being very good. My favorite character from that franchise is Skeletor himself, who serves as the main antagonist to the Masters of the Universe. Skeletor is this awesome wizard-warrior thing who has a skull for a head and is constantly scheming to unlock the secrets of Castle Greyskull. Sure, none of his schemes ever work, but that’s the way of things when you’re a villain on a kid’s show. Skeletor also happens to be a very complex character, but I’ll go into details on that at another time. Character motivations and intricacies don’t have much of a place in the illogical universe that is this fights page. Facing off against Skeletor and his animal companion Panthor is Gandalf and Shadowfax. Gandalf has been on this fights page before, and even had a brief reign in the Contest of Champions. Shadowfax is the horse-prince of Middle Earth, and serves as the companion to Gandalf. No man could tame him, but he allows Gandalf to ride him out of choice.

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Gandalf versus Darth Vader

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Gandalf the White takes on Darth Vader the dark.Our first combatant, J.R.R. Tolkein’s Gandalf (actually named after a magical dwarf from Norse mythology), is not a stranger to the site, having already racked up a streak of wins and walking in as the undefeated champion. His competition is the formidable Darth Vader of George Lucas’ Star Wars trilogy. Both of these very intriguing and popular characters come from overrated hacks of writers. Vader doesn’t have quite the win streak of Gandalf, but has the advantage of just being really cool, looking good in black, and having James Earl Jones’ voice.

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The Tick versus Gandalf

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Big Blue versus Old Grey.The Tick has thus far bested Superman and Dr. Evil. He possesses super strength and nigh invulnerability, although he is a bit on the dim side. Gandalf is a veteran of mage battles, having proven his worth against Elminster earlier on. Gandalf specializes in head games and fire magic, and is a demigod on his own world of Middle Earth. Continue reading

Elminster versus Gandalf

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It's wizards a-go-go here today at the Screamsheet!Elminster Aumar was born some centuries ago as the last prince of Athalantar. After his father was murdered, he went on a quest to free the land from the thrall of dozens of villainous wizards, which he did with the help of his teacher and his lover, Myrjala, who turned out to be the goddess of magic, Mystra. Elminster became one of her Chosen. He has been a fighter, a thief, a priest, and a mage, not to mention a woman. Among his numerous talents includes psionic power, regenerative ability granted by Mystra herself, and magic enough to obliterate a couple of worlds. Hailing from Middle Earth, Gandalf is one of the few wizards of power on that world. He possesses a magical sword, one of the three legendary rings that Sauron gave to the elves, and a very enigmatic attitude. Yet despite that, he is known to hobbits everywhere as “that old guy who puts on a nifty fireworks display.” Stupid hobbits… Continue reading