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Abraham Lincoln versus Peter Griffin

Posted in In This Corner with tags , , on February 9, 2011 by Charlie Brooks

Can Peter's ignorance of history help him against Lincoln?Peter Griffin of Family Guy fame once teamed up with his wife to beat the Simpsons, and thus has a shot at the title. Of course, to get there, he has to whup Abe Lincoln, who is 5-0 on the fights page (and, based on previous precedent, two wins away from being retired as an undefeated champion).

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Peter and Lois Griffin versus Homer and Marge Simpson

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How did these two great shows both fall apart so badly?Here we have a pair of pairs, each belonging to cartoon shows that were once funny and now are past their prime. Peter and Lois form the parental unit of the Griffin family, the focal point of Family Guy. Family Guy had an excellent four-year run (seven if you count the years the series spent on hiatus) before beginning a painful downhill slide. The Simpsons, by comparison, lasted nearly ten full years before beginning to fall apart, but has now become absolutely painful to watch (although, based on ratings, most of America disagrees with me on both points). So this fight is a nice chance for me to showcase two TV shows that I used to love but which have become a black hole of suck since.

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Be a Griffin

Posted in Music and Videos, Music Videos with tags , , , on December 19, 2010 by Charlie Brooks
Click here to download the video.

Click here to download the video.

De-Lovely: awesome movie, good soundtrack with an array of Cole Porter songs. This video combines De-Lovely‘s “Be a Clown,” sung by Kevin Kline as Cole Porter, with clips from the first few seasons of Family Guy…you know, before the show started to suck.

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The Life and Times of Adam West

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I guess that will show him. Nobody messes with Adam We...Although he has accumulated quite a fan base through his work on such television series as Batman and Family Guy, the great and powerful Adam West remains an enigma. Few people take the time really necessary to learn about such an important figure in American history. This piece serves as an unauthorized biography of this great American hero. Don’t bother trying to check my facts – the people who control the flow of information are hideous pinko commies who would do everything in their power to besmirch Mr. West’s good name and hide his many accomplishments. Continue reading