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Q&A with Elizabeth Gracen, part two

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ShalillyElizabeth Gracen has led a fascinating life filled with art in many different forms. What has she been up to in recent years? The second part of my interview with her covers the end of the Highlander franchise, her work as a director, and her debut as a fantasy novelist.

You can find the full interview on!

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Q&A with Elizabeth Gracen, part one

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Amanda and MethosSo how accurate was my take on Highlander: The Raven? Elizabeth Gracen, who starred in that show and played Amanda in Highlander: The Series, already corrected me on one point and was gracious enough to answer some additional questions for me. Ms. Gracen provided her take on Highlander, the behind-the-scenes issues of The Raven, and the projects she’s taken on after stepping away from acting.

The interview comes in two parts on Part one is now up and focuses mainly on how she got involved in the world of Highlander and what sort of issues plagued The Raven.

Check out part one of the interview here!

Highlander: The Raven

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Not exactly an image that fills me with a lot of hope...Originally published 1/19/11, updated 11/5/16

Question: What if you set out to make a TV show and every single person involved hated each other with the burning fury of a thousand exploding suns?

Answer: You’d have Highlander: The Raven.

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Highlander: The Series, seasons five and six

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The Four Horsemen, key villains in season five.One thing I forgot to mention last rant was that Adrian Paul took over as the director for a couple of episodes in season four (“Homeland” and “Methuselah’s Gift”), and he also got behind the camera for two episodes in the fifth season (“Revelation 6:8” and “The Modern Prometheus”). Probably not coincidentally, three of the four episodes he directed are among the best in the series. Again, Adrian Paul isn’t a terribly great actor, but his contributions made Highlander: The Series the success it was. Unfortunately, as he lost interest in the series, the show also went downhill.

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Highlander: The Series, seasons two through four

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Duncan and Richie are back for more.Despite struggling a bit early on without a clear direction, season one of Highlander: The Series was popular enough to warrant a continuation. That alone was remarkable enough – the franchise hadn’t exactly shown itself to be terribly viable beyond one movie up to that point. The second season did face some major hurdles, with the lead actress leaving the show and some budget cutbacks. Despite these problems, the show hit its stride and went on to produce some of the best moments of the franchise in seasons two through four.

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Highlander: The Series, season one

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Duncan MacLeod, the titular Highlander.Gather round, ladies and gentlemen, for another tale of Christopher Lambert and his amazing agent.

Oh yeah, we’ll also get around to Highlander: The Series.

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