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5 Major Plot Holes That Aren’t

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Hans GruberI love the Internet like a sibling – a sibling with very little social grace or common sense who is constantly embarrassing me at parties. I love the fact that it provides me with an outlet to gab on endlessly about things I like and vent about things I dislike. But with that territory comes a degree of frustration. In some cases, this is just minor irritation. In others, usually a result of a poorly-worded image search, it results in screaming horror that makes me want to stick my thumbs into my eyes. I’m going to focus on the former right now and save the eye-gouging for later.

Movies are one of those areas that I tend to read up about a lot and one of those areas where people tend to get me grinding my teeth. Almost all movies tend to have plot holes, but there are certain holes that people just won’t let go. They reach a viral level and become repeated by everybody who wants to take a shot at popular cinema. The most popular of these tend to irritate the Hell out of me because they aren’t actually plot holes. Continue reading


Time for Some Christmas Specials: Die Hard 2

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Why does this happen to us every Christmas?

It’s the Christmas season again, which means it’s time for me to kick back with my family and enjoy the movies that get us in the holiday spirit…like Die Hard 2.

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Agent 47 versus John McClane

Posted in In This Corner with tags , , , on February 4, 2011 by Charlie Brooks

Stealth action anti-hero versus comedy action hero.Agent 47 is the video game star from the Hitman series. A genetically engineered assassin, he is the perfect killer. He’s also got a movie in production starring a person that at first glance looks too babyfaced to play a stone-cold killer, but who knows what some makeup and camera angles can accomplish. John McClane is a film star himself, having gone through three Die Hard movies. That franchise ended years ago, though. There’s definitely not a fourth Die Hard movie that’s going to make me want to forget the first three entirely. Nope. Not happening.

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A Very Die Hard Christmas

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See? It's got a guy in a Santa hat!Die Hard counts as a Christmas movie. Yes it does.

Sarah and I sat down and watched it last night because it has all the things you want out of both an action movie and a Christmas special. It’s got guns, bombs, and one-liners, and it’s also got a family theme, Christmas music, and the overall theme of good will toward men (well, except for those who want to rob $60 million from a corporation under the guise of a terrorist attack.) Continue reading