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Captain America is Ruined Forever! (But Not Really)

Posted in Comic Books, Comics, Rants with tags , , , on May 27, 2016 by Charlie Brooks

Steve Rogers Captain America #1After several years of not being Captain America, Steve Rogers has once again donned his iconic blue suit, albeit with a few changes to the overall look.

Oh yeah…there’s one other big change to the original Captain America – one which, according to many people on the Internet, ruins him forever.

Since Steve Rogers: Captain America #1 only hit shelves this week, I’ll add an off-topic spoiler space for those who want a chance to be surprised by the big twist.

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Superheroes are Bastards, Marvel Edition

Posted in Comic Books, Rants with tags , , , on June 26, 2013 by Charlie Brooks

Honestly, Reed Richards might be the worst of them all.Previously in my uber-cynical breakdown of superheroes becoming horrible people, I looked at some of the paragons of the DC Universe. Now it’s time to take a look at the Marvel Universe.

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Batman and Robin versus Captain America and Bucky

Posted in In This Corner with tags , , , on January 25, 2011 by Charlie Brooks

A couple of spandex-clad men and their erosmenos.Batman and Robin have been here before, and are well-known across America. Slightly less well-known is Captain America and that boy he used to date, Bucky. Well, he didn’t actually date Bucky, per se. Instead, he dragged the kid around with him behind enemy lines in World War II to fight the Nazis. Thanks to his callous disregard for a child’s welfare, America was able to defeat Hitler. Now we’re in the modern day, and Batman and Captain America are planning to exploit their kid sidekicks once again in an attempt to show who is the most dynamic duo of all.

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Captain America versus Minuteman

Posted in In This Corner with tags , , on January 10, 2011 by Charlie Brooks

Cap versus his alternate company expy.Captain America, aka Steve Rogers, is the American icon who fought Nazis in the Marvel Universe. His special skills include wearing blue chainmail and throwing a vibranium shield. He managed to blow a lot of his cool factor at the end of the Civil War event when he broke down crying like a pussy, but that’s life. Minuteman is a lesser-known parallel hero from the Freedom Force video games. He worked on the Manhattan Project and was saved from death at the hands of a Soviet traitor by a burst of Energy X, which granted him his super powers. He’s got a lot of the same powers that Cap has, except that he has a flagpole staff instead of a shield. He didn’t fight Nazis in his native time, but he did travel back in time to battle with them. Now these two will pit their Nazi-fighting skills against one another to see who has the right to drape himself in our nation’s flag.

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