Grab a sword and get to work.When Wizards of the Coast moved Dungeons & Dragons to a new edition and a more tightly-controlled gaming license in 2008, it created a divide in the role-playing industry. While many got on board with 4th edition D&D, others thought that 3rd edition still had some life to it and could last for a while longer with some love and care. The result is Pathfinder, a game from Paizo Publishing that revised and streamlined 3rd edition D&D without negating backwards compatibility.

The material here is usable for the Pathfinder Role-Playing Game or for those sticking to 3rd edition D&D. Pathfinder is still a game about epic fantasy, where wizards battle dragons, warriors wield magic swords, and so on. It just has a different name now.

  • Bestiary: New monsters and conversions of creatures from other games.
    • Deep Hunstman: A wicked group of underground hunters who nonetheless possess a deep need for companionship.
    • Dragonborn: A Pathfinder-ized take on the Dungeons & Dragons PC race.
    • Mortality Devil: A fiend who offers eternal youth, provided you do its bidding.
    • Poppy Leshy: A leshy that cares for flowers and inflicts drowsiness upon living creatures nearby.
    • Yumerai: A fey race that longs for the ability to dream again.
  • Character Gallery: NPCs who can serve as allies or enemies in any campaign.
    • Aewen Rhevara: A priestess who was forced down the path toward enlightenment and who might be willing to give it all up for one big treasure hoard.
    • Claude the Clydesdale: Yes, this is a real character in one of my Pathfinder games. Don’t judge me!
    • Mirys Wandstar: An elven wizard seeking the secrets of life and death.
    • Olivia Tarling: A woman who began as a cook and has now turned into a competent adventurer.
    • The Red Mage: A mortal man possessed by the spirit of a dead dragon that terrified even the gods.
    • Samuel the Hunter: A mortal bounty hunter who became death’s eternal servant.
    • Sparrowwood: An Amazonian elf who has lost her tribe.
    • Tarvi: A retired adventurer who is happier running her jewelry shop than running through dungeons.
  • Class Archetypes: Some alternative classes for those who want to go off the beaten path.
  • Humor: Showing off the quirkiness in the game and its heritage.
  • The Treasure Trove: A collection of new magic items.
  • The Goblin ProblemA short adventure for 1st-level PCs.
  • Converting the Night Below: Some tips and advice about converting Night Below: An Underdark Campaign to Pathfinder or 3rd/4th edition D&D.
  • Gods of Niiran: An alternate pantheon usable for Pathfinder campaigns.
  • Super Mario PathfinderIn which the Pathfinder RPG gets reskinned for adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • Pathfinder Fantasy Adventures: Descriptions from my attempt to use Pathfinder as an educational tool.

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