Mutants & Masterminds

Comic books + Role-Playing Games = The AwesomeDesigned by Green Ronin Games, Mutants & Masterminds is a superhero role-playing game that uses a modification of the popular d20 system. Easy enough for beginners to pick up but robust enough to handle almost any situation, Mutants & Masterminds has become one of the most popular superhero role-playing games on the market.

This section uses the 2nd edition of Mutants & Masterminds. A 3rd edition of the game released in 2010, and from my understanding most of the material here should be compatible with a few modifications. As much of the game information below is focused more on setting than rules, much of it is compatible with other superhero games as well.

  • Heroes & Villains: NPCs that can serve as allies or enemies in any campaign.
    • Anastasia: The time-lost daughter of Hyppolyta, queen of the amazons.
    • The Journeyman: An inventor who is either one of the world’s greatest heroes or one of its most dangerous victims.
    • Lee Avery: A shapeshifter who takes a hard line on mutant rights.
    • The Owlbear: A B-list supervillain who made a major costume faux-pas.
    • Titan: An officer of the law who has become a police superhero, although she doesn’t really know who her maker is.
  • The History of Superheroes: An alternate Earth timeline that incorporates super-powered beings in American history.
  • The Liberty League: A corporate-sponsored superhero group.
  • Mongreloids: A sewer-dwelling mutant race that can serve as antagonists or sympathetic outcasts.

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