Cyberpunk 2020

The role-playing game of the dark future...according to the 1990s, at least.Created by R. Talsorian Games, Cyberpunk 2020 is the role-playing game of the dark future…well, at least according to what the dark future was supposed to be like when the game was published in 1990.

Despite the fact that the game is quite dated and possessed by 1990s fashion, Cyberpunk still has a lot of potential as a role-playing game. With blended morality, quixotic heroes, and the sinful pleasures of guns and cybernetics, the game can still be quite fun despite being decades old now.

  • Faces of 2020: Some NPCs that might be encountered in the streets of Night City
    • Browning Cal: An unassuming nomad with a few dangerous vices.
    • C-Squared: A solo who has resigned herself to a meaningless life as a mercenary.
    • Glow and Gloss: A pair of intelligent girls who nonetheless do their best to pretend they don’t have a brain in their pretty heads.
    • Mick Mannus: A mob boss with only half a face.
    • Pique LaLiberté: A PI who is just breaking away from her parental controls.
    • Shark: A master of the gambling halls who uses his joint to keep his fingers on the pulse of the city.
  • Cyberdata 3000: A new megacorp.
  • The Top 40: Music that tops the charts in 2020.

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