Fake Rants

I'm an intellectual on a soapbox! Listen to me!!!You wouldn’t think that sarcasm could be considered a hobby, but it is. And, having spent a long time studying and working at a University, sarcasm has become my main line of defense against the bullshit that certain people like to spew. I’m not railing against academia, but rather against the people who mask their insecurity with intellectual babble on topics they know nothing about, or the folks who just fly off the handle and get enraged at any perceived slight in the name of political correctness.

The rants here are pure sarcasm. They were all written with tongue firmly in cheek. The fun part for me is that there are people that will either a) get offended by them anyway, or b) think that I’m serious despite this disclaimer. Because in the world we live in, it’s always possible that someone believes the things I’m rambling about.


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