Image by Piotr SiedleckiThe Internet gives everyone a voice. That sounds awesome, but it isn’t. For the most part, you get a cacophony of people rambling about what kind of porn they like or why the meaningless crap they post in their blogs is more important than other meaningless crap in other blogs. Unfortunately, I don’t have a solution to this problem. Instead, I’ll join the chaotic, gibbering masses and add my two cents here about any subject I please.

In addition to rants, this section also contains some history and trivia. I’m the type of guy who reads Wikipedia and TV Tropes for fun, so I know a lot of relatively obscure facts, especially when it comes to entertainment. Like my rants, my history lessons are as fact-based as possible but remain extremely biased.

If you have an opinion, feel free to join me. Let us rant and rant until our throats are dry and our eyes bleed. Or until I stop updating…one or the other.

The rants here are broken into a variety of different categories, including:

  • Comic Books: Because like all comic book nerds, I take my sequential art seriously.
  • Film: Because like all film buffs, I take my moving pictures seriously.
  • RPG Rants: Because like all gamers, I…yeah, you probably get the idea by now.
  • Life in General: Because there is always something in this world that makes me want to yell.
  • Fake Rants: Because even though I don’t believe what I put here, I find it pretty funny that somebody will.

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