Meddling Heroes

Picture by dnekrufiRoosevelt Pythagoras might be the greatest criminal mind in history. From building death rays targeted at the Earth’s moon to kidnapping the U.S. President in a bid to take over the state of Delaware, the list of his antics is as long as it is outlandish. Fortunately, there are always superheroes there to stop his schemes. And after his last beating at the hands of America’s greatest hero, he has been behind bars for the past five years.

Or has he? A dead Roosevelt Pythagoras has just turned up, while another one remains in his prison cell awaiting his appeal. Now Roosevelt gets his day in court. Soon he’ll be back on the streets, and all he has to do is solve the mystery of his own murder.

Meddling Heroes is my shot at a superhero novel. Playing with the conventions of the superhero genre, it casts history’s greatest villain as an unlikely detective trying to use logic in a world filled with superpowers, talking gorillas, and moon men.

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