Picture by George HodanMy main hobby, and my ultimate passion, is writing. Although the modern fiction industry will probably never allow me to write stories for a living, I have had several pieces published, ranging from poetry and short stories to full fledged novels.

Here you’ll find a variety of different stories of mine, both published and unpublished. Genre-wise, I have very little preference, although I usually prefer to dabble in experimental writing, changing up points of views and tenses to help tell the story.

Links for my published works go to where they can be read or purchased, if available. Otherwise, you’ll find the whole story right here.

Published Novels:

  • Greystone Valley: A young adult fantasy novel which brings readers to a world between worlds.
  • Reality Check: A cyber-noir story. Anne Westfeld died six months ago. Now she’s back, and she needs to find out why, and if she really is herself.
  • Shadowslayers: My first novel, bringing readers to the fantasy world of Blackwood where a demon-mage battles a dragon-god over the fate of a kingdom.

Published Poetry:

  • Dad: A lament to my lost father, which received honorable mention in ByLine Magazine‘s “Poem of Loss” contest.

Unpublished Novels:

  • 21 FacesEddie Kafka has just woken up dead, and things get worse from there.
  • Meddling Heroes: The world’s greatest supervillain gets out of jail and winds up trying to solve his own murder.

Unpublished Short Stories:

The Early Days: An annotated look at the books I wrote in grade school.

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