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Posted in Site Stuff on September 10, 2015 by Charlie Brooks

Greystone Valley

Things have been slow around here for a while, mostly due to the fact that I have a ton of other writing projects going on right now. A good chunk of those projects can now be found at, which will serve as a hub for my publications, blog entries, and other author-related odds and ends.

The Screamsheet still has a place and will start to get updates on an as-I-can-get-to-it basis. Essentially, while is the home of all the things that I want associated with me professionally, the Screamsheet will remain the home of other odds and ends that bounce around my mind, including RPGs, rants, and the occasional fight.

If you’ve noticed the drop-off in posts here, head to the new site and see what I’ve been working on throughout the summer. There’s already a lot there, and more will be added frequently.


Welcome to the Screamsheet!

Posted in Site Stuff on January 8, 2014 by Charlie Brooks

Ryoko - Screamsheet icon, space pirate, secret lover...Welcome to the Screamsheet! This place can best be described as a reflection of my weird and fragmented personality. Here you’ll find rants both childish and mature, fiction both published and unpublished, music, videos, and anything else that might wander across my brain.

A Moment of Awesome: Danny Boy

Posted in Comic Books, Crowning Moments of Awesome, Random Blogness, Site Stuff with tags on March 16, 2011 by Charlie Brooks

I don’t have time to get to NaNoEdMo tonight, but I have been reminded that tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day by Sarah playing “Danny Boy,” as sung on The Muppet Show. Which reminded me of one of the more awesome moments from one of the more awesome superheroes out there, the Question. Consider this a preview of one of the items that will show up on my list when I do a “Crowning Moments of Awesome” for the Question.

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Darkseid Is

Posted in Comic Books, Random Blogness, Site Stuff with tags , , on March 12, 2011 by Charlie Brooks

The ruler of Apokolips himself.loneliness + alienation + fear + despair + self-worth ÷ mockery ÷ condemnation ÷ misunderstanding x guilt x shame x failure x judgment n=y where y=hope and n=folly, love=lies, life=death, self=DARKSEID

I’m ten chapters into my revision of Meddling Heroes, and I’ll be resuming that project soon. This weekend, I’m taking a break after a very tough week, and I thought I’d take a few moments to ramble about comics. Specifically, I’ve been fascinated lately by the best comic that never got a proper ending, New Gods.

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The Weekend in Review

Posted in Pathfinder, Random Blogness, Site Stuff with tags on February 21, 2011 by Charlie Brooks

So, where have I been the last few days? Just about everywhere, it seems.

It’s President’s Day weekend, which means I get to spend some time reflecting on the badasses that helped make the United States a world power while enjoying a three-day weekend. With all due respect to Washington, Lincoln, and company, it’s the latter that I enjoyed more, since it gave me a chance to see lots of family, including some awesome folks I haven’t seen in years. I got to see my two older sisters and my four nieces, all in celebration of the fact that I will soon have a third grand-niece (great-niece? what do you call second-generation nieces anyway?). My sisters have barely aged a bit since I saw them last, and my nieces have grown into intelligent, beautiful ladies. I met my youngest niece for the first time and had a ball with her as well, although my habit of overdoing it around kids will one day cause me great pain to my back and knees.

Following my niece’s baby shower, I got to hop up the road a few hours and spend some time with my mom and my brother, who I see more often but still not enough. My family as a whole is all kinds of awesome, and it’s good to be able to see almost all of them in one big weekend.

Returning home, I got to be with a hungry and grateful kitty and got some fuel for future entries in my Rants and Role-Playing Games sections, as my recent purchase at Barnes & Noble finally came in. My new books include Wonder Woman: Eyes of the Gorgon (previously mentioned in my Wonder Woman rant) and Pathfinder Chronicles: Misfit Monsters Redeemed. That means that you can probably expect me to do a “Crowning Moments of Awesome” piece of Wonder Woman sometime in the future, and I might wind up incorporating flumphs or disenchanters in a future Pathfinder update.

So, huzzah! I have endured many hours of traveling, shared much joy with my family, and returned victorious! Normal updates will resume beginning tomorrow.

Move Complete!

Posted in Site Stuff on February 15, 2011 by Charlie Brooks

The Screamsheet’s move to WordPress is finally complete!

Well, there are a few odds and ends that still need to get done, such as a missing fight that I’ll have to try to recover and the polls for the various fights sections, but with those few exceptions, everything that was on the UVM site is now here.

Now that the big move has occurred, I’ll be trying to stick more or less to a schedule of updates. I’m hoping to handle updates as follows:

  • Mondays: Fights
  • Tuesdays: Fiction
  • Wednesdays: Rants
  • Thursdays: Role-Playing Games
  • Fridays: Wild Card
  • “Random Blogness” interspersed here and there, based on what random thoughts drift into my head.

I won’t always be keeping to that schedule, and I will miss updating some sections on some weeks. As I don’t get paid to do this, my job, family, friends, and just my own lack of motivation might keep me from updating once in a while. That said, if you only like one particular section of the page, you can tune in at about the same time every week and there should usually be something new.

So welcome to the Screamsheet 2.0. As always, if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to send them my way.

Still Moving

Posted in Site Stuff on January 31, 2011 by Charlie Brooks

The good news so far is that I have almost everything moved over from the UVM site. The Fiction, Rants, Role-Playing Games, and Music and Videos section are all up and running. All that remains is the Fights section. Unfortunately, that section is also the largest. It could arguably be spun into its own web page someday.

As a result of the sheer number of posts I still have to go over, I will likely miss my original goal of having everything moved over by today. However, it shouldn’t be too long now – not more than a week or two – before I finally have everything in one place and ready to go. And in the meantime, almost everything has been put up here, so there’s still a lot of content available to go through if you’re new to the site.