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Superhero Makeovers: Spider-Man (revised for 2015)

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Ah, used to be so cool.And a lean, silent figure slowly fades into the gathering darkness, aware at last that in this world, with great power there must also come — great responsibility!

Spider-Man used to be one of my favorite comic book characters. Now he’s not. Those who have read one particular storyline can probably guess why. If you can’t, we’ll be getting to that soon enough.

I originally took a look at Spider-Man’s history in 2010, and a few things have changed since them. So here’s a revised look at the evolution of New York City’s friendly neighborhood wall-crawler. Continue reading


Superhero Makeovers: Superman

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It doesn't get much more iconic than Superman flying to the rescue.A physical marvel, a mental wonder, SUPERMAN is destined to reshape the destiny of a world!

It is very unlikely that even Superman’s creators Jerry Siegel and Joel Shuster expected those words from Action Comics #1 to come true. While not the first comic book hero with super powers, Superman is the character who defined what a superhero was. He had incredible powers, a flashy costume, a secret identity, and adventures that got weirder and weirder as time went on.
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Superhero Makeovers: Wolverine

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Cue X-Men theme song.He’s the best there is at what he does…and what he does isn’t pretty.

Created in 1974, Wolverine is one of only a handful of superheroes who were born after the Silver Age but still have iconic status. He is Marvel’s cash cow character, appearing in just about any book they can cram him in. With different looks and different attitudes over the years, he’s come quite a long way from his beginnings as a Canadian super soldier.

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Superhero Makeovers: Renee Montoya

Posted in Comic Books, Rants, Superhero Makeovers with tags , on July 6, 2012 by Charlie Brooks

This is my kind of woman.As the Question, Renee Montoya isn’t a character who has seen a lot of costume changes, but she has gone through a lot of other developments over her time in comics. To date, she has spent more time as a police officer than a superhero, beginning as a supporting character and working her way up. This long development has also left her as one of the more interesting characters in DC Comics.

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Superhero Makeovers: The Incredible Hulk, part four

Posted in Comic Books, Rants, Superhero Makeovers with tags on July 25, 2011 by Charlie Brooks

Planet Hulk is a-comin'.In case the first three parts of this rant didn’t make it clear enough, the Hulk has changed a lot – arguably more than any other comic book hero. He’s been a tough one to fit into the Marvel Universe. Conceived as a cross between the Frankenstein monster, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and a cautionary tale about nuclear warfare, he has never quite fit in with other superheroes, save for his run with the team known as the Defenders – a group whose whole hook is that its members don’t really fit together on a traditional superhero team. Whenever the Hulk did get some stability, some external factor shook that up, be it Bill Mantlo getting exhausted with the character and passing it over to John Byrne, who is all too quick to change characters so he can make his own mark on them, or editorial getting in the way of a long-term story planned by Peter David. As we head into the 2000s, we’re in for more of the same, with a lot of changes in a short period of time for the Incredible Hulk. Fortunately, at the end of it, we get a brief renaissance for the character that is just now starting to come to an end.

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Superhero Makeovers: The Incredible Hulk, part three

Posted in Comic Books, Rants, Superhero Makeovers with tags on July 16, 2011 by Charlie Brooks

Every girl is crazy about a sharp-dressed Hulk.When we last left Bruce Banner, he had been cured of being the Hulk. Yeah…that never actually holds. Banner has actually been cured of the Hulk many times over, but it didn’t get mentioned here because it’s always at most a one- or two-issue fix. This time around is no exception.

With John Byrne come and gone, Al Milgrom would be the next guy in line to start something he couldn’t finish. He left before the story arc he began with Banner’s apparent cure was even finished. That was a symptom of a bigger problem for the Hulk in the 80s: nobody wanted to write the character. Driven into a funk by attempts to cash in on the TV show in a medium that lacked the acting and soundtrack that made the TV show huge, the character had become stagnant. That’s what forced Bill Mantlo to introduce a Banner-controlled Hulk and then a completely mindless Hulk – he had started to run out of ideas for the classic savage Hulk. But since his departure, and since Byrne’s plans to recreate the Hulk his way had been stopped short, the character was basically seen as a dead end. It got bad enough that the book was eventually handed over to some marketing guy named Peter David. And what did Peter David do with the book? Started a twelve-year long stint that turned the Hulk into one of Marvel’s hottest franchises, of course.

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Superhero Makeovers: The Incredible Hulk, part two

Posted in Comic Books, Rants, Superhero Makeovers with tags on July 5, 2011 by Charlie Brooks

The more the Hulk changes, the angrier he gets.Well, if your liver has recovered from part one, we can continue our drinking game/history lesson on the Hulk.

As of 1964, the Hulk was a popular character without a home. Moreover, he had obviously gone through some changes off-panel. When last readers saw him in his own series, his transformations through the use of Bruce Banner’s gamma gun were becoming more unstable. His appearances in Fantastic Four and Avengers gave no indication that he was still using the gamma gun to transform, yet at the same time he was wandering about during the day, suggesting that his day/night transformation cycle was still a thing of the past. When he popped up in Amazing Spider-Man, he was hiding out in a cave, not Banner’s secret lab where he had been during his own series. The truth of the matter was that the Hulk was still being written by Stan Lee, and Lee still didn’t know what he wanted to do with the character – in fact, you could make a pretty good argument that Stan never did figure out how to handle the Hulk. But one thing was for sure: with the character’s popularity still strong, the Hulk needed a book of his own.

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