Pathfinder NPCs: Derrezen the Dragon-God

Derrezen the Dragon-GodKnown to many as the great dragon-god, Derrezen is a legendary terror that even demon lords and divine beings try to avoid. With a wingspan that approaches 200 feet in length, tales of the great wyrm blotting out the sun as he flies overhead are barely exaggerated. Fortunately for most, the dragon-god spends most of his time atop his hoard of treasure, and can sleep for years at a time.

Legend has it that Derrezen was the child of a god. Because he was not given the power of creation, he fought against his father, ultimately striking the deity down. However, before he could claim his birthright, he was placed in a prison by a powerful mythic binding spell. He spent the next several centuries in a magical prison before his force of will finally overcame the wards and he broke free.

Even during his long periods of sleep, Derrezen’s machinations are ever in motion. He is served by a group of loyal followers known as the Cult of the Crimson Claw which seeks to deliver his birthright to him. Should Derrezen ever gain the divine power that he seeks, he will undoubtedly remake the Prime Material Plane in his image, delivering special torments to all those that have opposed him throughout the centuries.

Derrezen      CR 27/MR 10
Mythic great wyrm red dragon (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 98, Pathfinder RPG Mythic Adventures)
CE Colossal dragon (fire, mythic)
Init +14; Senses dragon senses, smoke vision; Perception +39
Aura fire (10 ft, 2d6 fire), frightful presence (360 ft., DC 31)

51, touch 2, flat-footed 51 (+49 natural, -8 size)
hp 607 (29d12+419)
Fort +27, Ref +16, Will +25
DR 20/epic; Immune fire, paralysis, sleep; SR 48
Weaknesses vulnerability to cold

Speed 40 ft., fly 250 ft. (clumsy)
Melee bite +38 (4d8+25/19-20), 2 claws +38 (4d6+17), tail slap +36 (4d6+25), 2 wings +36 (2d8+8)
Space 30 ft.; Reach 20 ft. (30 ft. with bite)
Special Attacks breath weapon (70-ft cone, 24d10 fire, Reflex DC 35 half), crush (Large creatures, DC 35, 4d8+25), incinerate, manipulate flames (120 feet), melt stone (60 ft. radius), mythic power (10/day, surge +1d12), tail sweep (40-ft., 2d8+25, DC 35)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 29th; concentration +36)
At will—detect magic, discern location, find the path, pyrotechnics (DC 19), suggestion[M] (DC 20), wall of fire
Sorcerer Spells Known (CL 19th; concentration +26)
9th (4/day)—time stop, wish
   8th (6/day)—create greater undead, incendiary cloud (DC 25), mind blank
   7th (7/day)—mass hold person (DC 24), greater teleport, terraform
   6th (7/day)—disintegrate[M] (DC 23), greater dispel magic, flesh to stone[M] (DC 23)
5th (7/day)—baleful polymorph[M] (DC 22), cloudkill[M] (DC 22), dominate person[M] (DC 22), prying eyes
   4th (7/day)—black tentacles[M], deathless, shout (DC 21), wall of fire
   3rd (8/day)—explosive runes, haste, suggestion[M] (DC 20), tongues
   2nd (8/day)—acid arrow, glitterdust (DC 19), hypnotic pattern (DC 19), invisibility[M], mirror image[M]
1st (8/day)—hypnotism (DC 18), mage armor, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement (DC 18), true strike
   0 (at will)—acid splash, bleed (DC 17), daze (DC 17), detect magic, flare (DC 17), mage hand, message, read magic, touch of fatigue (DC 17)
M mythic spell

44 (+17), Dex 10, Con 32 (+11), Int 24 (+7), Wis 24 (+7), Cha 24 (+7)
Base Atk +29; CMB +54 (+56 sunder); CMD 64 (66 vs. sunder, 68 vs. trip)
Feats Cleave, Critical Focus, Greater Vital Strike, Improved Critical (bite), Improved Initiative[M], Improved Iron Will, Improved Sunder, Improved Vital Strike, Iron Will[M], Multiattack, Mythic Spell Lore[M], Power Attack[M], Quicken Spell, Staggering Critical, Stunning Critical, Vital Strike[M]
Skills Acrobatics +0 (+4 to jump), Appraise +39, Bluff +39, Diplomacy +39, Fly +16, Intimidate +39, Knowledge (arcana) +39, Knowledge (history) +39, Knowledge (local) +39, Knowledge (planes) +20, Knowledge (religion) +20, Perception +39, Sense Motive +39, Spellcraft +39, Stealth +16, Swim +29
Languages Abyssal, Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Giant, Goblin, Orc, Undercommon
Treasure Hoard potion of displacement, potion of fly, ring of shooting stars, scroll of cloudkill, scroll of limited wish, scroll of teleport, staff of fire, staff of illumination, staff of life, frost brand, mace of smiting, nine lives stealer, amulet of mighty fists +5, belt of giant strength +6, golem manual (iron), major cloak of displacement, 10-foot-tall silver-framed mirror (worth 1,000 gp), alabaster pedestal decorated with emeralds (worth 10,000 gp), black pearl (worth 500 gp) (2), black velvet domino mask with ruby inlays (worth 1,800 gp), bright green emerald (worth 5,000 gp) (2), diamond-studded platinum earrings (worth 2,000 gp), emerald (worth 1,000 gp), fire opal (worth 1,000 gp) (4), flawless diamond (worth 25,000 gp) (3), flawless multi-faceted diamond (worth 25,000 gp), gold minotaur statuette with amethyst eyes (worth 3,500 gp), high-quality chessboard with amber-carved pieces (worth 1,000 gp), ivory mermaid masthead (worth 500 gp), jacinth (worth 5,000 gp) (4), jeweled drinking horn carven from triceratops horm (worth 1,500 gp), large-size adamantine manacles (worth 5,000 gp), life-sized jade worlf statuette with moonstone eyes (worth 3,000 gp), matching crown and sceptre set with diamonds and alexandrites (worth 10,000 gp), red garnet (worth 100 gp) (6), rubies (worth 5,000 gp) (6), ruby-studded gold scepter (worth 5,000 gp), silver brush with amethyst inlays (worth 900 gp), solid emerald peacock statuette (worth 15,000 gp), solid gold minotaur bust (worth 5,000 gp), tapestry woven by the first elf (worth 10,000 gp), 1,000 pp, 14,000 gp, 8,000 sp, 2,600 cp



Image: Ben Wooten, Inner Sea Faiths

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