The Greater Deck of Many Things

Deck of Many ThingsThis artifact looks and functions very much like an ordinary deck of many things. The back of each card featured an intricate and ever-shifting ink pattern that seems at once to represent a viewer’s secret desires and a mocking grin. Those who look at the pattern for very long can almost hear a whispering voice urging them to draw a card.

The greater deck of many things began its existence as a normal example of the minor artifact. However, a group of desperate adventurers bargained the deck away to a powerful entity of chaos, who used her own magic to imbue it with intelligence and a purpose of its own.

This deck functions as an intelligent version of a normal deck of many things with the following statistics:

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Abilities: Intelligence 19 (+4), Wisdom 18 (+4), Charisma 20 (+5)

Senses and Communication: Darkvision and Blindsense to 120 ft., telepathy

Item Powers: The deck can cast modify memory 3/day at caster level 20th. It uses this power to adjust or erase memories to make a recent draw seem as favorable as possible.

Special Purpose: The deck’s special purpose is to sew chaos and discord. It can detect any creature with a Wisdom of 9 or lower within 60 feet.

Item Ego: 32

The deck actively encourages its possessor to draw a card at least once per week. If the possessor follows this suggestion without forcing an Ego check, the deck actively tries to reward this behavior. In game terms, the player may draw twice and choose the best result. This favorable treatment only ever lasts for one draw.

If the current possessor ever displeases the deck, it reaches out telepathically to others, encouraging them to steal the artifact for themselves. It targets those with low Wisdom scores under the assumption that they are less likely to resist its sway or its ability to modify memories.

Destruction: As with a normal deck of many things, this deck can be destroyed by losing it in a wager with a deity of law. However, special precautions must be taken to make sure that the deck does not use its telepathy to alert the deity of the nature of the artifact.


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