Pathfinder Treasure Trove: Phoenix Fire Ring

Song of the Phoenix

Song of the Phoenix, by Eireen

Aura strong conjuration; CL 13th
Slot ring; Price 26,600 gp; Weight —

This elegant gold ring is adorned with a large ruby carved to look like a phoenix. When worn, it functions as a ring of sustenance, showcasing a different power only on the death of the wearer or when placed on a corpse’s finger.

When worn by somebody who died, the ring bursts into flame 1d4 rounds after death or 1d4 rounds after the ring is placed on a corpse’s finger. The flames utterly consume the ring, but also restore the wearer to life as though the individual had been the target of a resurrection spell. The process is not without a degree of pain and peril, however – the phoenix fire that destroys the ring also deals 4d6 damage to the creator. This damage is applied after the resurrection has taken effect (i.e., after the wearer has been restored to full health), but in some cases it may still be enough to reduce the wearer to 0 hit points or below. If this happens, the individual’s body is thoroughly immolated, leaving no remains but a pile of ash.

An individual who benefits from the ring’s resurrection effect receives one permanent negative level, as per normal when subjected to the spell. However, if the individual was wearing the ring at the moment of death, the negative level is removed as though the wearer had received the benefit of a greater restoration spell. Individuals who received the ring after death receive the benefits of the resurrection (and the resulting fire damage) but not the greater restoration effect.

 Forge Ring, create food and watergreater restorationresurrectionCost 20,800 gp
Special If a phoenix feather or 8 ounces of phoenix blood is used as an ingredient during the creation of this ring, the cost is reduced by 250 gp per hit die of the phoenix the reagent came from (5,000 gp for most phoenixes).


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