TotoroBased on the character from Hayao Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro.

The King of the Forest, Totoro is a massive spirit of nature. Totoro is tied to nature and the world that cannot be seen by adults, and rules over the other spirits and sprites of rural Japan. His followers include other totoros, though they are much smaller than himself, and dust bunnies, small black sooty creatures that act as his spies of sorts. Totoro is a generally friendly sort who has a rather simple mind. He spends most of his time sleeping, and has a soft spot for children.

Totoro can only be found if he wants to be. He is invisible to adults, although his influence is all about them as his breath makes strong winds grow and the dances that he performs with his followers can make trees and other plants grow. He usually wanders about during the night and sleeps during the day. He takes his Catbus to various places around Japan during the nights, and children have been known to see him standing by bus stops. Despite his imposing size and loud snoring, Totoro is a friendly sort and tends to do his best to help those who need him, even if they cannot see him and do not believe in him.

In a game, Totoro has little use in the way of action or combat. Those who would attack him probably cannot see him, and he is not meant for combat purposes. He is best suited to light-hearted games, and can serve as a helper or just as comic relief.

Totoro, King of the Forest

Body 9, Mind 3, Soul 7

Health Points 100, Energy Points 100, Shock Value 20

ACV 6, DCV 4

Attributes Animal Friendship 4, Aura of Command 4, Damn Healthy! 2, Divine Relationship 2, Energy Bonus 5, Flunkies 3 (smaller Totoros, dust bunnies)

Special Attributes Dynamic Sorcery 2, Environmental Control (weather) 4 (Totoro causes the winds to blow with his mighty breath), Invisibility 2 (adults only), Item of Power 1 (Huge spinning top, grants Flight level 1), Jumping 2, OBM 3 (Catbus), Special Movement 4 (Balance, Light-footed, Untrackable, Wall-crawling)
Defects Awkward 1, Not So Fast 1
Special Defects Awkward Size 1

Skills Acrobatics (Balance) 1, Animal Training 2 (Totoros), Linguistics 2 (Totoro can communicate with children through his roar), Performing Arts (Musical Instruments) 2, Stealth (Concealment) 1


Totoro and Catbus


Catbus is a huge twelve-legged cat that serves as Totoro’s bus. Its eyes serve as headlights, and it can open up its interior and allow others inside of its plush, furry interior. Catbus has a very comfortable interior and can pilot itself perfectly, often running over power lines or tree branches to get to where it needs to. It does not come equipped with windows or seat belts, but is a flawless driver anyway. It is unclear whether Catbus serves only Totoro or is it transports other nature spirits about as well.

Catbus counts as a mecha with the following attributes: Ground Speed 4, Invisibility 2 (adults only), Special Movement 5 (Balance, Cat-like, Light-footed, Untrackable, Wall-crawling), Flight 1, AI (Intelligent: Body 8, Mind 4, Soul 4) 6, Summonable 2, Unique Attribute 2: Homing (Cat Bus can home in on any location of person)


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