This thing I’m doing

The start of...something.In between to working on some for-pay writing projects and wrapping up Meddling Heroes, I downloaded an app for my phone that serves as a word processor, allowing me to write on the go. The early result is this fragment of…something. It seems like a good story start, but I’m not sure where it will go. So naturally, I tossed it online here to see what other people have to say about it.

The story fragment is below. By the way, did you know I’ve been reading Terry Pratchett novels lately?


If anybody had shown up a few minutes earlier, they might have learned the story behind all the dead bodies.

Soldiers of the Empire weren’t renowned for their ability to count. All they knew was that the amount of burned, mangled, and maimed men wearing the Emperor’s uniform numbered somewhere between “lots” and “as far as the eye can see.” The tavern that had once stood at the center of the square was identifiable only by the monument of ash that the breeze was slowly stealing away.

The soldiers weren’t totally useless at math, though. They could count to one. Conveniently, that happened to be the number of survivors – or, as the soldiers saw it, the number of culprits.

Normally, a four-foot tall woman wielding a wooden sword wouldn’t require a full regiment. Given the circumstances, though, the commander determined that caution was probably a good idea.

“Lay down your…um, sword and you will get a fair trial!”

Heroes were made in times like these. The men gripped the hilts of their swords. Each of them was acutely aware that corpses were also made in times like these, and with much more frequency.

Ptero smiled in hopes of defusing the situation. She dropped the wooden sword and raised her hands. Unfortunately, this was bound to only make things worse.


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