Review Roundup: Oy Vey

This character sucks.This is the part I’ve been dreading.

Jeph Loeb’s red Hulk is probably my least favorite comic book storyline outside of truly abominable things such as The Dark Knight Strikes Again or Marville. But since I intend to review Fall of the Hulks, I have to get through the red Hulk storyline as background information. Watch as I try to avoid having a psychotic break and filling somebody else’s website with my childish ranting.

Hulk #1 (“Who is the Hulk?”)

Hulk #2 (“The Smoking Gun”)

Hulk #3 (“Creatures on the Loose”)

Hulk #4 (“Red Light Green Light”)

Hulk #5 (“Rolling Thunder”)

Hulk #6 (“Blood Red”)

Incidentally, my birthday is coming up in a couple of days and my mother already gave me my gift: none other than Green Hulk/Red Hulkwhich reprints the first nine red Hulk issues. My mother didn’t mean this as a gag gift (not like that time she got me Highlander 3 for Christmas) but was rather sweetly looking for some Hulk-related comics I didn’t have. And although the writing is terrible in these comics, the hardcover is really a thing of beauty, with great art and excellent production values. Plus, there’s at least one big splash page where the Hulk smashes his puny red impostor. So thanks Mom!

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