Pathfinder Treasure Trove: The Shroud of Unfinished Business

My entry for the RPG Superstar 2012 contest.Aura strong conjuration (healing); CL 13th
Slot shoulders; Price 18,200 gp; Weight 1 lb.

When this long white cloak is placed over the body of a dead humanoid as though it were a makeshift burial shroud, it bestows temporary new life to that creature. The individual placed under the cloak is brought back to to life as though she were the subject of a resurrection spell, but has only 24 hours before returning to death. The subject’s soul is aware of this restriction at the time the cloak is placed over her body and can choose to remain dead rather than return.

The resurrected subject functions normally in all ways, but must remain in contact with the cloak or return to death. If the subject is separated from the shroud of unfinished business for more than one continuous hour, she dies once again.

A subject who is given temporary life by the shroud of unfinished business can be raised or resurrected in the future only if she perished again as a result of the cloak being forcibly removed. If the subject dies after willingly choosing not to wear the cloak for one hour or if the 24 hour time limit is reached, she cannot be raised again unless a wish or miracle spell is used first.

While the shroud of unfinished business can be used multiple times, it can only bring one creature back in a 24 hour period. After being used to restore a subject to life, the cloak does not function for any other creature during the ensuing 24 hours, even if the original subject willingly removes it early.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, resurrection; Cost 18,200 gp


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