Random Blogness: The New Year

Happy new year!

I’m not really interested in making new year’s resolutions, since those have a habit of falling by the wayside pretty quickly. The beginning of 2012 is, however, a decent time for me to start making changes. I got a week and a half off of work, which gave me some time for self-reflection. In general, what I’ve learned is that I am one lazy bastard. Sure, I can get passionate and excited about things, but those things usually revolve around entertainment. In all other matters, I tend to take the path of least resistance, which gets me by but doesn’t really give me reason to flex my muscles. So if I have any sort of resolution for 2012, it’s simply not to suck as much.

I do still love my lazy time, but it is very important to be able to push oneself as well. It’s very important right now because I feel that I am on the verge of a big breakthrough in my life’s goals. My writing has met with quite a bit of success recently (with another short story recently accepted – stay tuned for details), and I’m finally starting to garner some attention for myself in the publishing world at large. Sitting back and doing what I normally do means letting the opportunity stagnate – I need to push myself harder than I have in the past.

In my day job, I’m now three months into a new job and finally getting comfortable. This week went very well precisely because of my goal – I’m acting with more confidence and assurance mostly because I have to. Hesitations and/or laziness is going to get me falling right back to where I was in 2011.

In terms of the Screamsheet, this blog entry marks 7 straight days of having some sort of update here. I don’t have any grand illusions about updating daily, but I’m hoping to get at least some ramblings up here on a more regular basis. Again, the idea of pushing myself doesn’t just count when it comes to work – if I don’t try get myself working harder in every capacity, I’m going to get back into the habit of slacking.

So I’m a week into 2012 and working harder at my job, my web site, my writing, and my family. My son is getting more and more fascinating every day, and my wife remains as lovely as ever. How long can I keep putting the extra effort into my life? Well, I have one week down. If I keep this up enough, it will hopefully become a new habit.


One Response to “Random Blogness: The New Year”

  1. Here’s to a great lead up to armageddon!

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