She got Robocopped.by Julie Robbins

Super-soldier projects are not just for secret government agencies anymore. With super-powered vigilantes on the rise, the Metro City Police Department decided that it was time to fight back with some toys of their own. Using cybernetics and biotechnology confiscated by several imprisoned supervillains, the MCPD hired out a freelance team of scientists to create the Titan project, which would create a super-powered soldier. The only problem was finding a volunteer, since the technology involved large-scale cybernetic replacements, making a person half-human and half-machine. Naturally, the volunteer they got was put through the project posthumously.

Kate Murphy was left brain-dead following a response to a gang shootout that went badly. With no spouse or immediate relatives, she became the perfect guinea pig. With a combination of cybernetics and nanotechnology used to restart her brain, she became a fully operational superheroine with a badge from the local police precinct. Unfortunately, as was expected, the price paid was one of humanity – Kate remembers some of her past, but has large holes in her mind and in her personality, leaving her somewhere between human and machine.

There is one other major problem with Kate’s newfound power: not even her service technicians know all about it. The technology is a cobbled together mass of superscience from various sources, mostly villainous. While Kate has been fully checked for bugs and is scanned on a regular basis, there’s no telling what dormant programs might still exist in her software. Between trying to piece together her old life in a vain attempt to feel like something other than property, Kate finds herself regularly contending with the fear that she will one day become some supervillain’s unwilling pawn due to her situation.

Titan (Power Level 10)

Str +10 (30), Dex +2 (14), Con +7 (25), Int +1 (12), Wis +2 (14), Cha +1 (12)
Toughness +13 (impervious), Fortitude +8, Reflex +4, Will +8

Skills: Diplomacy +3, Gather Info +3, Intimidate +7, Knowledge (civics) +3, Knowledge (streetwise) +3, Notice +6, Search +4, Sense Motive +5

Powers: Impervious 8; Device 5 (jet pack): Flight 5 (max 1,000mph); Super Senses 4 (10x magnification, radio, infrared, ultra-hearing); Immunity 3 (suffocation, starving/thirst [1/2], aging [1/2]), Sensory Shield 2 (+4 to save for all senses), Plasma Blast 10 (Alt Powers: Super Strength 6 [with linked Enhanced Feats: Endurance 8], Laser Blast 7 [accurate/+2 to hit, precise, improved crit], Electro Mesh [Stun 10], Micro Missiles 6 [homing 2/infrared, autofire +1]); Devices 2 (hard to lose)

Feats: Attack Focus 2 (melee), Eidetic Memory

Combat: Attack +8/melee +10, Damage +10, Defense +7, Initiative +2

Math: Abilities 47 + Skills 6 (24 ranks) + Feats 3 + Powers 57 + Combat 30 + Saves 9 = 152 PP

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