The T-1000 versus the Tin Woodman 2

Rematch time!This is a rematch of each individual’s first fight on the page. The T-1000 wound up erasing itself from existence in battle against the Tin Woodman of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz fame. But now the T-1000 is back and reigning champion of this section, so it’s time for some vengeance against his old foe. The Tin Woodman, however, might have other plans.

Round One:
Armed with a special pocket paradox-preventing device, the T-1000 returns to the realm of the Winkies to exact his revenge on the Tin Woodsman. It doesn’t make a direct assault at first, instead purchasing a variety of mechanical parts from several engineers on the borders of the kingdom. It then uses those parts to create a rocket launcher, which it fires into the Tin Woodman’s castle. The Tin Woodman emerges from the rubble with fire in his eyes and his axe at the ready. The T-1000, having learned from his previous encounter, keeps its distance, forming its limbs into metallic polearms and other longer-reach weapons to keep the Tin Woodman out of chopping range. This strategy works at first, frustrating the Tin Woodman. Finally, the Woodman hurls his axe into the T-1000’s skull, leaving his weaponless but also splitting the terminator down the middle. Round One goes to the Tin Woodman.

Round Two:
Although the Tin Woodman has scored a temporary victory, the T-1000 reforms quickly. Moreover, it absorbs the Woodman’s axe into itself, rendering its foe weaponless. Without the aid of his axe, the Tin Woodman has little to fight with – he is too slow and awkward to make a good hand-to-hand combatant, and he hasn’t been trained with firearms. The T-1000, though, is a near-perfect killing machine. It redoubles its attack, tearing into the Tin Woodman with deadly precision. In a matter of moments, the terminator has literally disarmed the Woodman by ripping his tin limbs off his body and tossing them away. The T-1000 then punctures the Woodman’s tin body multiple times and knocks his head off his body. With the Woodman lying in pieces at its feet, the machine spits of the axe it swallowed and marches away, seemingly victorious. Round Two goes to the T-1000.

Round Three:
Like the T-800 in Terminator 2, the Tin Woodman may seem down, but what he really needs is a reboot. Unknown to the T-1000, a group of Winkie engineers takes the remains of the Woodman and begins the long process of rebuilding him: stronger, faster, and more of a rip-off of the Bionic Man. In a few weeks’ time, the Tin Woodman has been transformed into the ultimate cyborg death-bot, with his axe grafted on to one arm and an insatiable urge for vengeance. He hunts the T-1000 to the ends of his domain, ultimately finding the terminator in a vast box canyon. There he attacks with an axe grafted onto one hand and a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher on the other arm. The T-1000, of course, reforms after each hit, but does so slower and slower as its systems take time to process the damage. During one of these recovery states, the Tin Woodman uses its new capabilities to fire the terminator into space on a rocket. The T-1000 is sent hurtling into the atmosphere, supposedly never to be seen again (like that ever works). Round Three and the fight go to the Tin Woodman.

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