Godzilla versus the Knights of the Dinner Table 2

Can Godzilla take these guys out a second time?These combatants are no stranger to one another. Godzilla is the one who put and end to the Knights’ championship run a while back. The Knights of the Dinner Table retreated and have been planning their vengeance ever since. We’ll see what tricks they have up their sleeves this time around, and whether that will be enough to score a win over the king of all monsters.

Round One:
Godzilla is having some fun kicking through a few Japanese cities when the Untouchable Trio +1 appears to put an end to him once and for all. Brian unfolds a battle map and lays down some tactics. Brian will start off with some fireballs from Weird Pete’s fireball generator, while Sara snipes at the creature with some arrows. To keep Godzilla from tearing through those missile attacks, Bob and Dave are needed to attack Godzilla with swords to keep it distracted. As long as they bob and weave, there’s no chance a clumsy lizard like that will actually hurt them, assures Brian.

Eager for some bloodshed, Bob and Dave rush in, while Brian and Sara hang back. Unfortunately for the melee fighters, they don’t get support from the other two. Godzilla gets plenty annoyed at the little critters cutting at his feet, and proceeds to maul Bob and Dave. With their last words, they curse out Brian for being a backstabbing son of a bitch. Round One goes to Godzilla.

Round Two:
As it turns out, Brian didn’t plan on Bob or Dave surviving the first wave at all. He was simply using them in order to fully guage Godzilla’s strengths and weaknesses. While Godzilla is finishing off his companions, he sits down with Sarah and draws out a chart, demonstrating where the pair stand. The chart is very, very simple:

Weaknesses: NONE

Sara frowns. “So we’re basically screwed, huh?”

“Not necessarily. We still have…the sword.”

What sword, you ask? Carvin’ Marvin, of course…an intelligent and evil soul-stealing Hackmaster blade. Sure, it’s really something that was introduced in the Knights’ role-playing sessions, but since when have I bothered looking at that fine line between fiction and reality? This time, Brian really starts up the fireball generator, drawing Godzilla’s attention while Sara charges in with Carvin’ Marvin. Marvin delights at the opportunity for gore, and his biting steel blade manages to pierce even Godzilla’s nigh impenetrable hide. Godzilla staggers, and then falls. Marvin drains the great beast’s very soul, and the Untouchable Trio (now -1) seem to have won the day. Round Two goes to the Knights of the Dinner Table.

Round Three:
Godzilla is down for the count, but that doesn’t mean Carvin’ Marvin is satisfied. Exerting his will over Sara, he goes after Brian. Brian lashes back with some fireballs, but Marvin heals the damage done to Sara as quickly as it’s dealt. Sara proceeds to disembowel her companion, and then Marvin has her strangle herself with Brian’s intestines. None except for Carvin’ Marvin itself survive the day. A cold wind blows over the ruined city and the multitude of corpses contained therein. Somewhere in those ruins, the diabolical sword lies in wait, knowing that it’s only a matter of time before someone finds him and picks him up again… Round Three and the match go to Carvin’ Marvin. As neither side comes out alive, the Contest of Champions will pick up with two new champions next time.


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