Starfall’s Last Hope

Things I got to do today that I haven’t done in a very long time: play an RPG and drink beer. Sadly, though, the beer did not come with the game. But I am drinking beer as I ramble on about game, so I guess that’s something.

I got to run a short session of Pathfinder with my wife Sarah and my friend Beth today. Due to time constraints, it was only about three hours including character creation. Beth played a half-orc barbarian and Sarah played a half-elven ranger. The module was and extremely abridged version of Hollow’s Last Hope, renamed “Starfall’s Last Hope” to fit in with my campaign setting. Starfall is a town of half-elves invented by Sarah (and appearing in Shadowslayers, plug plug) which, thanks to this session, now has a sister city called Pinespear, an orc community that lives in peace with the half-elves. Beth’s half-orc is actually half-orc and half half-elf.

Overall, the session was pretty straightforward, although I learned that putting the two characters in a situation where they have to negotiate with an evil character isn’t going to work. When faced with an evil hag (an attempt by me to add a role-playing encounter into a mostly hack-n-slash adventure), Beth and Sarah made small talk only as a way of getting a surprise round to attack the person. In doing so they wound up making a potential long-term enemy, since 1st-level characters had no chance against a night hag and were ultimately forced to flee.

Overall, the session was a good reminder that I miss game. It’s also a nice reminder of how even a one-shot can add to a campaign setting, as now I have a night hag villain lurking in the woods with a grudge against the local village as well as a secluded half-orc community that will need some fleshing out. I might not game again in a while, but I can get back to world-building during the downtime.


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