Silence is golden, indeed.Even as she settles into her middle years, Silence is still quite attractive. She carries herself with the grace that she learned as a companion, but has lost much of what she sees as a pretentious air taught by the Guild. Silence will spit, drink, and gamble these days, though never to an extreme. When she has guests in her shop, she generally adapts to fit what they need – or at least what she thinks they need. In other words, she’ll be there to provide counsel and understanding to wayfarers, but she also isn’t afraid to give them a swift kick in the ass when needed.

To her guests, Silence is generally businesslike, sometimes bordering on overly opportunistic. she will provide them with anything they need, but usually only at a steep price. Part of this highway robbery-like business acumen is based on pure selfishness and desire for profit. Most of it is a ruse designed to give people what they expect from an underworld safehouse. If she is too kind and gentle, then folk start asking questions about what she’s really out to get; not many folk in the ‘Verse trust someone who is helping out of the good of their heart.

Beneath Silence’s facade as a cutthroat merchant, she is very much full of regret. In her private hours, she spends a lot of time dwelling on the past and wishing she could change the way she grew up. Part of the reason that she runs her shop on Beaumonde is to indirectly share some of her worldliness with folk who are just starting to go down the wrong path. Not that she ever changes their ways, but it’s a hope she has whenever they leave her shop.

If there is an Alliance dream, then it is Silence’s first thirty years of life. Her real name is Kazuko, although she doesn’t know her last name. She was taken from her parents when she was still only an infant and raised as a slave girl. She spent her first twelve years of life on the border world of Bellephron, serving a family of rich nobles. She possessed an unusual grace even at that young age, and the family entered her into the Guild at the age of 12. Normally someone of her stock would not be accepted, but this family had connections and enough bribe money to make it work. They figured that owning a registered companion would give them a nice bit of profit in addition to the rest of their businesses.

Fortunately for Kazuko, the Guild doen’t play that way. Life as a companion offered her more independence than she ever expected. She earned the name Silence here and became very popular on the Core. She became known for her quiet demeanor and uncanny knowledge for what her clients wanted. But grace and beauty begin to fade, and she eventually began losing clients for younger and more modern companions. She could have gone into a more bureaucratic function with the Guild, but one of her clients, Henry Mason, had a better idea.

Mason and Silence had grown very close during her frequent visits to Ariel, and he offered to pay for her exclusive rights, essentially buying her out of the companion’s life and ultimately marrying her. She agreed to the arrangement, but war got in the way. Mason was called out to the Border as part of a MASH unit, and subsequently lost his leg. The injury was more than physical, and changed his personality. He lost his position on Ariel and began to push others away from him. Silence was closest to him, so he pushed her the hardest. He bought her exclusive rights, but left soon after, disappearing into the Black.

In the years since, Silence has grown older and given up the ways of a companion entirely. She spent a few years as a smuggler before settling down on Beaumonde, where she set up Silence’s Shop in New Dunsmuir. Silence’s Shop is essentially a hiding place for criminals who are being chased by either the local law enforcement or the Alliance. The accomodations aren’t great, but as her name implies she will keep her clientelle’s whereabouts silent. The building is also equipped with a few hiding rooms and a panic room for Silence herself, just in case the authorities ever find her out.


Agility: d6
Strength: d4
Vitality: d6
Alertness: d8
Intelligence: d10
Willpower: d6

Life Points: 12
Initiative: d6 + d8

Assets: Allure (minor), Friends in High Places (minor), Highly Educated (minor), Reader (minor), Friends in Low Places (minor)
Complications: Loyal (minor), Prejudice: Rich Folk (major), Things Don’t Go Smooth (minor)

Skills: Artistry d6, Influence d6/Seduction d10/Persuasion d10, Knowledge d6, Perception d6, Performance d6, Guns d2

Silence dresses in simple but elegant clothing and keeps herself well-groomed. She keeps a derringer in a sleeve holster and has a .22 strapped to her thigh on most occasions. Beyond that, Silence has very few other possessions that she keeps handy. In her upstairs office, however, she has a variety of war souvenirs, including all manner of guns and liquor. She even has some newtech contraband hidden away. She is not willing to part with any of her possessions, but she is willing to rent them out, usually for a price that is far higher than simply buying them outright. Of course, the type of people who visit Silence’s Shop usually can’t afford to just head to the market and look for a better deal.

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