Yosaffbridge herselfSaffron is a very alluring redhead who usually has a very innocent look about her. The innocent look is nothing but a ruse. When she shows her true self, which is rare, she is cocky and arrogant, but no less beautiful. Saffron knows that he looks and her training drive men wild. In fact. that’s what she relies on when it comes to pulling a job.

Saffron is cold, calculating, and willing to let almost anyone die if it happens to get her some cash. If she had a sympathetic bone in her body, she probably had it surgically removed years ago. She has some skeletons in her closet, but nothing she’s willing to admit to others, and possibly not even to herself. Saffron is a compulsive liar, constantly changing her past, her name, and any other aspect of herself that is convenient. It’s quite possible that not even she can keep all of her lies straight.

“Saffron” is merely an alias, although it is the one she uses most often. Her true name is unknown, and any criminal records that the Alliance had on her have long since been wiped away by her friend and sometimes partner Krys Connel. She has been Saffron, Yolanda, and Brigid, among many other aliases that have taken her across the ‘Verse.

Saffron spent some time with the companion guild, and has most of the skills that a registered companion normally possesses. She never finished her training, although the reason is unknown. One possibility could involve an aristocrat named Durran Haymer, who Saffron spent time with under the alias of Yolanda. She cared for him deeply, possibly even falling in love with him. However, she eventually abandoned him, giving up a comfortable existence for a life of crime. Saffron has suggested that her motive is not the money she extorts from marks, but rather the pleasure she gets from manipulating men. Whatever her motive and her past, Saffron ended up getting double-crossed by Mal Reynolds and the crew of Serenity during a high-profile job. She has landed in jail as a result, and is undergoing frequent psychological evaluation in an attempt to figure out who she is and to identify, as one officer uneloquently put it, “What the ai yah tien ah is wrong with her.” How long Saffron stays incarcerated depends on how long it takes her to seduce a guard and get free.


Agility: d8
Strength: d4
Vitality: d6
Alertness: d6
Intelligence: d10
Willpower: d10

Life Points: 16
Initiative: d8 + d8

Assets: Allure (minor), Highly Educated (minor), Talented – seduction (minor)
Complications: Forked Tongue (minor)

Skills: Artistry d4, Covert d8, Influence d6/Seduction d12+d2/Persuasion d8. Knowledge d6, Melee Weapon Combat d4, Perception d6, Performance d8, Ranged Weapons d4, Unarmed Combat d6

Saffron travels lightly, carrying whatever gear will fit her current con. She rarely wields guns, but is skilled in combat if it comes to it. She prefers to play the role of an innocent, helpless girl as much as possible, since men tend to eat that sort of thing up. One of Saffron’s more effective weapons is a tube of drugged lipstick. On her lips, it is harmless. When it comes in contact with another person’s saliva, though, the victim must make a Hard Endurance check or lose consciousness immediately. The victim remains out for 1d4 hours as a result of the drug, during which time Saffron usually has plenty of time to do her dirty work.

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