Krys Connel

She seems so innocent and nonchalant...Krys’s wide eyes and curious demeanor often make her seem younger than she is. In her mid-20s, she has bright red hair and a very attractive figure when she chooses to show it off. Kry’s appearance often changes depending on the job she’s on. If she’s filling in as the ship’s mechanic, she’ll wear overalls and have smudges of grease on her face. If she needs to be a medic, she’ll look well-groomed and proper. In her normal day to day life, she usually comes off as a rather excitable young woman who is almost child-like in some ways. However, she can take on any number of appearances and personalities, ranging from the egotism of an Alliance official to the seductive wiles of a femme fatale.

While Krys’ personality varies with what she wants to show people, those close to her can identify certain traits that seem to form her true self. She is worldly, but not cynical. In fact, she seems to cling to childhood comforts, such as her plush horse, long after she should have grown out of them. She is a very friendly person, usually eager to help out and feel like part of a group. Krys rarely works alone, usually pairing up with either partners or entire gangs. Her wide variety of skills make her useful in almost any group that she joins, and she is always eager to please. Even when she is out of work, Krys usually spends her time in bars, parties, or even movie theaters, chatting it up with whoever will let her. She seems almost afraid to be alone, only moving into provacy when she sleeps. Even then, Dr. Rogers is always close by.

Whatever distant past Krys has, she prefers to keep buried. She grew up on one of the Border Worlds, but will not tell people what satellite she actually called home. Wherever it was, the area was hit hard in the Unification War, killing most of her family and leaving her orphaned. She stowed away in an Alliance boat until she was discovered by a patrolman and arrested. From there she was delivered to the Core World to await trial.

While in the prison transport, Krys met another young woman called Saffron. While Saffron didn’t particularly like Krys at first, she needed a partner for a con that she had lined up. After bribing a few security guards and selectively using her narcotic lipstick (“The Midnight Kiss,” which knocks out victims when it is transferred through a seal on the lips), Saffron helped Krys escape. From there she set up a single con designed to win the heart of an Alliance aristrocrat and liberate him of some of the family’s funds. By that time Krys already had a good number of hacking skills, so while Saffron won the man’s heart (for a night, at least), Krys broke into the family accounts. When the pair left in the morning, Krys had outdone herself. Not only had she cleaned out the accounts that Saffron had targeted, but she had cleared out several secret accounts as well — all without leaving any traces back to the girls. Saffron, realizing the effective partner she had on hand, took Krys under her wing and taught her other useful tools of the criminal trade. Through these experiences, Krys learned a little bit of everything. She is truly a jack of all trades but master of none — except when it comes to her first love of hacking.

While Krys saw Saffron as a sort of big sister, the two often had differences about their work. Krys generally preferred to find mostly honest jobs, while Saffron cared more for the quick buck — no matter what the cost to others. As a result, the pair often quarreled and split, although neither ever held any real grudge for the other. Ultimately, Malcolm Reynolds and the crew of Serenity came across Saffron and landed her a long prison sentence after a couple of encounters. Krys would like to break Saffron out of jail, but she was never the one who came up with these plans. Currently she is sailing the black with whatever crews will take her, looking to put together enough resources to help her friend. And if she gets a chance to make life a little miserable for Mal Reynolds on the way, so much the better.

Krys Connel

Agility: d6
Strength: d4
Vitality: d6
Alertness: d10
Intelligence: d10
Willpower: d6

Life Points: 12
Initiative: d6+ d10

Assets: Allure (minor), Cortex Specter (minor), Friends in Low Places (minor), Things Go Smooth
Complications: Forked Tongue (minor), Hero Worship: Saffron (minor), Loyal (minor), Prejudice: Alliance authorities (minor)

Skills: Covert d6, Guns d2, Influence d6/Perusasion d8, Mechanical Engineering d4, Medical Expertise d4, Pilot d6, Technical Engineering d6/Hacking d10

Krys has a variety of different gear on her; something for every job. She has a set of lockpicks, a basic engineer’s kit, and a first aid kit. She also has a pocket radio, a short-distance radar jammer, and a concealed derringer. One of Krys’ most beloved possessions is entirely for sentimental value: a worn out plush horse with button eyes that she calls Dr. Rogers. The horse used to have a wind-up music box inside it, but it has since broken down.


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