Henry Mason

Yes, I'm ripping off Dr. House and putting him in a setting that is a ripoff of Cowboy Bebop.

His friends call him Hank, and his professional associates call him Dr. Mason. Unfortunately, he has neither friends nor a career, so he’s just Mason these days. Mason is a likable enough fellow as long as you don’t talk to him and he doesn’t talk to you. In terms of technical skill he’s a first-rate trauma surgeon, although he lacks any sort of sympathy for his patients. In Dr. Mason’s perfect world, the patient comes in unconscious, gets treated, and leaves his infirmary without ever having to speak. Of course, there are a few ways to get Mason to open up. He has a soft spot for attractive women and tends to be slightly (and only slightly) nicer to them, though more out of his social breeding than out of lust. He also has a love of gambling and of complex problems. If someone offers him a problem that tickles his brain, Mason will suddenly become a much kinder soul.

Mason is in his mid 40s, and is just starting to see some gray in his brown hair. He has a bad haircut and a worse shave, but could probably be somewhat attractive if he straightened himself up a bit and stopped scowling all the time. He has a prosthetic leg, and while he doesn’t call attention to that fact, it’s hard to miss either his cane or his limp.

The Masons are a long line of affluent doctors that go all the way back to Earth That Was. Following along with the family business, Henry graduated at the top of his class and made a name for himself as one of the better doctors on Ariel. As a young man, Mason was rather passionate and very loyal to the Alliance which had afforded him such a happy life. When the Unification War began, he volunteered his trauma skills. Much to his surprise, he wasn’t placed in a clinic far from enemy lines but in a MASH unit, bouncing from moon to moon and stitching up soldiers mere miles from some of the major battles of the war. Being so close to bombings and seeing the horrors of war first-hand began to wear on Mason’s mind, and he became increasingly emotionally withdrawn toward the people around him. What really broke him, though was when his unit erroneously stationed themselves too close to a mine field. Mason was the first in his unit to find out about the mistake, discovering it by getting most of his right leg blown off. He lost the limb below the knee and was sent back to the core planets to be fitted with a bionic limb.

Unfortunately, someone made a mistake in putting the limb on, and as a result a massive infection ate up most of Mason’s remaining leg. He lost the entire limb, and went with a low-tech prosthesis. The experience crippled him both physically and emotionally. By the time the war was over and Mason returned to his position on Ariel, he was not the same person. While he remained as technically sharp as ever, he began shirking his other responsibilities. He began skipping symposiums and shirking his clinics, ultimately turning off many of his superiors with his irresponsibility as a doctor and his apathy toward his patients. Under the pressure of being fired, Mason resigned from the hospital and essentially left the modern medical world.

After leaving Ariel, Mason headed for the black where there was fewer people, more space, and a lot more silence. He remained out of the medical field for a while, just traveling the Border Planets with what money he had left from his career. After going broke courtesy of bad spending and his gambling habit, Mason has begun hiring himself out to crews traveling the black as a ship doctor. He doesn’t ask for much beyond privacy in the infirmary and doesn’t care one way or the other whether he’s sailing with members of the Alliance or brown coats. He’d prefer to leave the war behind him, considering that it is the highly vaunted Alliance intelligence that got him on the downhill slide that he is in today. The way he figures it, folk of any race, creed, or political affiliation are all equally capable of being stupid.

Henry Mason

Agility: d4
Strength: d6
Vitality: d6
Alertness: d8
Intelligence: d12
Willpower: d8

Life Points: 14
Initiative: d4 + d8

Assets: Highly Educated (Minor), Talented: Surgery (Minor)
Complications: Amputee (Minor), Hooked: Painkillers (Minor), Hooked: Gamblin’ (Minor)

Skills: Covert d6, Discipline d6/Concentration d8, Guns d4, Knowledge d6, Medical Expertise d6/General Practice d8/Surgery d12, Perception d6/Gamblin’ d8/Intuition d10, Scientific Expertise d6

Mason doesn’t bother with much in terms of gear beyond basic medical supplies. He has a prothetic right leg which generally precludes him from any combat. As such, he doesn’t carry a gun, figuring that having a weapon just suggests that he’s looking for trouble. Among his personal effects are some fine cigars, fresh fruit, and a pack of playing cards. While Mason is an occasional smoker and does enjoy a good meal in the black, the first two items are more for gambling purposes than for his own use. Mason loves to gamble, but he doesn’t play for money. The doctor also has a well-crafted wooden cane, although he generally doesn’t use it, walking instead with a pronounced limp.

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