Gus "Pack Rat" Henderson

Let's make a deal.Gus is a middle-aged man who dresses as affluently as he can afford. Unfortunately, he usually can’t afford much. His hair is usually fairly well-kept but is always a little too long to keep straight. A tries to stay well-shaven but generally gets too caught up in his work to shave more than once or twice a week. Gus dresses as appropriately as he can as a businessman, but tends to muss up his clothes quite a bit. Since he doesn’t have an assistant, he tends to be his own mechanic and repairman, which usually leaves him covered in dust and grease, making it even harder to make an honest sale.

As a salesman, Gus is a friendly, even boisterous man. He’ll do just about anything short of giving something away in order to make a sale. He tries to be everybody’s best friend, explaining how honest their faces look and how he’s willing to give them a bargain even if he takes a loss. Gus sometimes stretches the truth, but he doesn’t lie about the quality of his merchandise or try to rip his potential buyers off – that’s a fast track to a bullet in the noggin.

Beyond Gus’s blustery sales demeanor, he is a somewhat shy and reserved person. He has a particular love for machinery and complex problems, and spends most of his free time tinkering with the wrecks in his yard. Most of the time, the coin from his sales goes right back into buying more scrap parts. His passion for fixing things up has more than once resulted in him going without food money for a few days.

Gus was born and raised on Boros. He spent much of his youth slaving away on his family’s cattle ranch, dreaming of the chance to get away and see the black a little. He eventually signed on with the Alliance, working as a repairman on terraforming machines as civilization started spreading out through the stars. Unfortunately, working on the terraformers meant spending all his days inside fixing machines and hammering away at new assemblies. As such, he never did get to see much of the planets that were being terraformed. He did get a good feel for tinkering, though. He was busted more than once for stealing instruction manuals from the engineering crews so he could learn how to repair or even design a variety of machines, from basic new tech sonic weapons to transport-sized boats. He earned himself the nickname “Pack Rat” for his tendency to steal cogs, gears, and other small parts, and that name has stuck for years.

All of this useful information came in quite handy when the Unification War broke out. As Gus was not part of the military, he didn’t immediately get involved. His knowledge of Alliance machinery and his access to high tech did make him very useful as a spy and smuggler, and he made a killing off of that. By the end of the war, he had enough money to leave his dead end job and hit the black for good. He now sets up shop wherever business takes him, keeping a yard open for a few months or a year at a time where he can sell boats, weapons, and other goods before moving on to another planet or moon. In a campaign, the PCs might encounter the Pack Rat as an employer if he needs someone for a salvage job. Alternately, he can serve as a salesman, offering the PCs discounted goods or even a banged up old boat so that they too can sail the black and see what the ‘Verse has to offer.

Gus “Pack Rat” Henderson

Agility: d6
Strength: d4
Vitality: d6
Alertness: d10
Intelligence: d10
Willpower: d6

Life Points: 12
Initiative: d6 + d10

Assets: Friends in Low Places (minor), Math Whiz (minor), Mechanical Empathy (minor)
Complications: Non-figthin’ type (minor), Weak stomach (major)

Skills: Covert d4, Guns d4, Influence d2, Knowledge d6, Mechanical Engineering d6/Create Mechanical Device d8/Mechanical Repairs d10, Pilot d2

On his person, Gus doesn’t carry more than he needs to. He dresses in the finest business attire that he can afford, which usually amounts to a dusty suit and wrinkled tie. He keeps a small pistol and a derringer concealed on his person just in case anyone gets the bright idea to rob him. He also keeps a set of simple mechanic’s tools concealed in any of a number of hidden pockets that he sews into his suits, just in case anything of his needs a last minute tune up. Last but not least, Gus has a pair of lockpicks hidden in the hollowed out heel of his right shoe. He hasn’t needed those picks in years, but he does want to be sure that he is prepared if the Alliance ever decides to break up his business.

Of course, most of Gus’s tools and equipment can be found for sale in his yard. He has a variety of boats and land vessels, most of which can run at least moderately well. He also keeps a wide variety of weaponry in the dusty old trailer that serves as his home. These weapons range from mundane shooting irons to expensive and highly illegal new tech – just a few souvenirs from the war. Gus’s shipyard is currently located a few miles outside of New Dunsmuir on Beaumonde, but he keeps his most important gear ready to go mobile at a moment’s notice, just in case trouble comes knocking.

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