Cyberdata 3000

Beautiful architecture covers up Cyberdata 3000's corrupt interior.Building a Better Tomorrow…again.
Cybernetic, fashionware, and computer technologies manufacturer.
Headquarters: Seattle, WA
Regional Offices: Paris, Oslo, London, Tokyo, Jerusalem, Washington, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Night City, Las Vegas, Chicago, Dallas, New York Name and Location of Major Stockholder: Jacob Pynes, Seattle, WA, owning 33.5% of total shares
Employees: 75,000 employees worldwide, 1,000 corporate troops, 800 covert operatives

Background: Founded by Jacob Pynes in January of 2000, Cyberdata 3000 has had an ambitious, if turbulent, history. Since growing beyond its boundaries as a hot new fashionware designs company in Seattle, Cyberdata, led by Jacob Pynes, has grown almost overnight throughout America, especially the west coast. The company’s biggest motivator — and sometimes its greatest weakness — has been Pynes’ increasingly ambitious goals. When Cyberdata first became a multinational corporation, Pynes wasted billions of dollars in an attempt to reconstruct the main office in Seattle on top of an orbital platform, making the company seem like a corporate god. Pynes has been described as unstable and megalomaniacal, but very deadly. Some of his best known projects include the Cyclops chip, which was a computerized version of the Empath drug, and the Doppleganger full body conversion, a cybernetic frame built using state of the art nanite technology which actually allows for minor shape changes. In early 2020, Cyberdata almost collapsed in on itself when a black ops project flatined Ann Westfeld, the lover of the prolific rockerboy known as the Jungle Cat. Against all odds, the corporation struggled back to its feet, repelling hostile takeovers from both Biotechnica and EBM. While Pynes still runs the company, his work is now guided by his vice president, Charles Grant, making Cyberdata 3000 a more focused, and thus more deadly, corporation.

Equipment and Resources: Among the many weapons of war distributed among Cyberdata’s offices are an array of five AV-4 assault vehicles, twelve helicopters, two Osprey IIs and four corporate jets. Cyberdata has access to special military hardware on a small scale, but relies on its own creations for the most part. Cyberdata has no orbital platform of its own as of yet (its original plan for one failed due to a lack in financing), and does not employ military vehicles such as tanks. The offices in Seattle, Night City, and Los Angeles have surgery-capable medical staffs, while its other offices have trained infimary crews. Of late, Cyberdata 3000 has been expanding into resources as yet unexplored. They have made numerous attempts to recruit the street doctor who created the Empath drug, St. Crispin, and have been working on a grant from the government in making a corporate-run city in western Oregon, New Chicago. When this project reaches completion, it will be the first corporate owned and operated city. Current plans expect the city to be operatable by the year 2029 and expect populations reaching into the millions.

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