Come by the pool hall, have a few laughs.Shark is generally aloof and quiet, letting other people chat it up while making mental notes to himself, but he won’t hesitate to tell a war story or two of his own if asked. He is a young Hispanic man, about 23 years old and in good physical condition. He’s not all that interested in fashion, and wears what typically blends in with the crowd as long as it’s somewhat comfortable. He’s got tinted green hair, and always wears a pair of fingerless leather gloves. Shark smokes like a chimney, having picked up the habit from years growing up in pool halls and gambling joints.

Shark, aka Jason Angel, picked up a love of pool and gambling at a very young age due to the fact that his father ran a casino. By the time he was 13, he had learned all of the common cheats and a few of the tougher ones, and was well on his way to earning his handle of Shark. By the time he was 17, he had picked up his first job, serving drinks at a sleezy Euro bar called the Shilling. That job ended pretty quickly, however, as his boss decided to get fresh with Jason’s sister Alicia. Even though she blew him off, it pissed Shark off to no end. The sleaze got his when Shark tipped off the cops about a few key drug deals that he had the fortune of overhearing. The fat Englishman never quite figured out who had tipped off the cops, but Shark was glad to see him go. He’s always been the protector of the family, and he wasn’t about to let anyone go after his younger sister while he had something to say about it.

At the age of 18, Shark got his first taste of the dangers of the game when he cheated a minor gang lord out of a couple grand in a poker game. The guy set him up for murder, but Shark faced the cops and was eventually released for lack of evidence (he had a couple nice lawyer friends and a bit of blackmail on the judge). He was in the cage for about 24 hours before he was released, and has been a bit more careful about who he cheats ever since.

Eventually, Shark ended up finally scraping together the down payment for a pool hall downtown. Shark started really making some contacts and learning about the underworld, since everyone loves a soothing game of pool when they have the time. Alicia and his father gave him some help out at the biz whenever they could make the time, and Shark refined his gambling skills until he became the most dangerous better in Night City. He could bluff down a royal flush with a pair of deuces, and people stopped letting him break in games of pool because if he did, they’d never get a shot in. Shark’s joint became a big attraction downtown, and he used the newfound traffic to promote his rep as one of the best information brokers in the city. As his rep spread, more people stopped by, and none of them left without leaving a few secrets behind with Shark.

Despite its popularity and Shark’s business, Jason had trouble making ends meet for quite some time. His dad wound up in a 16-car pileup on the William Gibson Memorial Freeway one day, and Shark’s been the man of the family ever since. He spends most of his profits on keeping his mom in good condition, and is fighting to make sure that Alicia has some real genuine opportunities in this crazy world. Up until recently, he’s been struggling with his finances. Then one day he met up with Liz Talbot. They met in Shark’s pool hall, and hit it off real nice. He let her win a few games of eight ball, just to get her to start betting for big cash. Then he realized that he didn’t have to hold back; she could bank a shot almost as well as herself. The two spent some time together otuside the pool hall, and eventually Liz became a part of Shark’s business. She’s like a second half to an already successful image; they’re almost equals in skill, and now both of them have enough blackmail on heavy hitters in Night City to tear open flood gates if they wanted to cause real damage.

Jason tries to project a friendly no-nonsense visage, but in reality he’s always got his head working, trying to figure out how a given situation can benefit him. He tries to keep a hands-off approach to business, since he’d rather not get in the line of gunfire, but he’s not afraid to do some dirty work, especially if anyone threatens his sister, his mother, or his girl. He doesn’t often give his word or his loyalty out, but if he does, he’ll see things through to the the end. He doesn’t like forming anything more than a professional relationship with people, but if he does, then it’s his duty to give it his all. And if you can’t trust the word of Jason Angel, who can you trust?


INT 7, REF 8, TECH 6, COOL 9
ATTR 6, LUCK 8, MA 5, BODY 6
EMP 8, Run 15, Leap 3.75, Lift 240
Stun 6, BTM -2

Streetdeal +7, Awareness/Notice +7, Handgun +3, Brawling +5, Melee +4, Pick Lock +2, Pick Pocket +4, Intimidate +3, Persuasion +5, Personal Grooming +3, Wardrobe & Style +2, Human Perception +6, Seduction +3, Social +6, Education +2, Gamble +10, Mathematics +5, Physics +5, Dance +2, Rifle +2, Basic Tech +4, Shadow/Track +3

Shark isn’t a runner, he’s an information gatherer. When encountered, he’s likely to be kicking around his pool hall in blues jeans and a leather jacket. He keeps a few enforcers on hand to make sure that there’s no trouble in his dive, and he keeps a sawed off hidden behind the bar just in case. He won’t be outfitted with a lot of fancy gear and armor because he takes the smart way out and avoids combat.

If Shark’s involved in a major gamble, he’ll pull out his favorite pool stick, Eudora. Nobody ever seems willing to go up against him when she comes out, because that means that Shark really means business.

Neural Processor, Left cyberoptic with a special targeting scope designed to figure the angle needed on any given pool shot (+2 to his gamble skill when shooting pool)

Initiative: +8
Sawed off Winchester shotgun: SHT; WA 0; Jacket Concealability; 4d6 damage (00 shot); 2 shots; 1 to 2 shots per round (double barrelled); 50M range; +10 to hit
Armor: Arms/Torso 4 (Heavy leather)


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