Where the Site Stands

It’s been a bit over a month since I started moving the site over. In that time, I’ve moved over a total of 257 posts, with many more still to go. The Screamsheet is a really big site. But I figured I’d take stock of where I am so far in the move:

Fights: Still a long way to go. Even with the long breaks I often take, I’ve been doing them almost weekly for about 10 years. This will probably take the longest of any remaining sections.

Fiction: The fiction section is done. I’m still going to updating Meddling Heroes, but those will be new updates, not old ones. Any short stories missing in the move will be revised and reposted here or, hopefully, published elsewhere in the future.

Rants: The Rants section is almost complete, and will probably be entirely moved by the end of the coming week. I’ve been trying to update the rants as appropriate, and some of them are either no longer relevant or just plain wrong. Others, like the Highlander rants I’ve been doing, are being expanded – in the case of the Highlander rants, they went from three discussions of the franchise to a long rant about each of the major entries of the series. Next up is the spin-off series The Raven and The Methos Chronicles, and then I dive into the hell that is the final two movies.

Role-Playing Games: Also nearing completion. Pathfinder is all moved, and the rest should be finished off this week.

Music and Videos: I have about a dozen more music videos to repost, and then that section’s done as well.

All told, the Fights section will take the longest, but even that should be done soon. I’m hoping to wrap up the move by the end of January, starting fresh in February with posting new content exclusively to this site. Until then, I’m double-posting everything between here and my UVM site…except for the Highlander rants, which are the first bits of the old site getting massive expansion. Also, talking about the Highlander sequels tends to give me wild mood swings, so I’d really not have to post the same thing on two different sites – it might drive me to psychosis, especially as I get closer and closer to The Source.


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