Zechs Merquise versus Batman

This fight brought to you by ANSGT!Also known as the Thundercount or Milliardo “Let’s plunge the Earth into eternal winter” Peacecraft, Zechs is one of the many cool characters in Gundam Wing. He’s an expert pilot, a master swordsman, and a pretty good video game player to boot. The Dark Knight, also known as Bruce “I can beat Superman and the Hulk at the same time” Wayne, is a good superhero who is unfortunately often plagued by bad writing.

Round One:
Let’s get the gadgets out of the way first. Zechs hears about this raging psychopath in Gotham who doesn’t seem to follow the idea of absolute pacifism, so in a moment of skewed logic, Zechs sets out to kill him. Zechs hops in a Gundam…let’s give him the Talgeese, and yes I know it’s not a “true” Gundam. He swats the Batwing to the ground, steps on the Batmobile, and slices any other damned bat vehicles that I didn’t mention apart. Before Bruce can formulate a decent plan, the Talgeese kicks in the top of the Batcave, nearly killing the Dark Knight. Seeing Batman nearly crippled beneath the massive pile of rubble, Zechs decides to even the playing field. He hops out of his mobile suit and self-detonates the Talgeese. Why? I’m not sure…but it gives an awesome explosion, so I guess it doesn’t really matter. Round one goes to Zechs.

Round Two:
And now the true battle begins. It’s one of the greatest mortal fighters in the world taking on one of the coolest anime characters ever. (And on this page, cool counts for something.) The fight’s tough for both sides, but Robin intervenes with a surprise attack on Zechs. Zechs, however, just isn’t surprised enough and cuts Robin apart with a whupass sword.

Holy decapitation Batman…he killed Robin. That bastard!

Besides his normal angsty rant, Batman’s not too phased, since he can always get a new Robin. But he does use this distraction to sucker punch Zechs, flooring him then and there. Round Two goes to Batman.

Round Three:
Batman thinks he’s won, but he forgot about the anime comeback. Zechs gets up and makes his attack. He has Batman on the ropes, but then lets up enough for the Dark Knight to make some sort of annoying speech about how he is the night, he is vengeance, they killed my parents, I have to wear tights, blah blah blah. It runs something along the lines of this:

“My angst…MY ANGST…MY ANGST!!!”

While Batman is ranting, Zechs steps out, steals Bruce Wayne’s limo, and runs Batman down. When Batman starts to get up, Zechs backs over him. Then he crashes the space station Libra into the Earth to make sure Batman stays dead. Round Three and the match goes to Zechs, as he nearly destroys the world…but that’s life.


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