Weston Tarmel

Don't mess with the horse-man with a bow.by Nick Culver

As soon as he was deemed able, Weston was sent out scouting and procuring for the Academy, taking trips to gather supplies or carry messages to the capitol. The trips were designed to both teach and test Weston, as well as actually deliver notes and procure supplies.

On one such outing a few years ago, Weston ran into a young centaur maid in the capitol, a woman who was a little more world savvy than he, but not by much. Her name was Seibell, her coat shiny, her hair golden brown, and her personality charming. Weston almost fell head over heels (quite a problem for a centaur) trying to get her attention. He succeeded, but stayed missing from the Academy for a week. When he finally did show up, his head was in the clouds and the message he was supposed to deliver was still in his pack. The next three weeks were spent assisting Melvin De La Menta, one of the worst punishments on campus for the mechanically disinclined or the not so fleet of foot. However, Weston was saved from going mad at his punishment when he found that Seibell wished to come and visit him.

From then on, Weston and Seibell began seeing each other as often as possible, whenever they could spare the trek between the capitol and the Academy. All was going fairly well, and Weston was planning on getting a job as a local sheriff so that he and Seibell could settle down and raise a family. A year later, Seibell came to the Academy weeping. She had found out that she had recently contracted a wasting disease in trying to help the sick, a wasting disease that takes a long time to kill its victim, but killed them absolutely with no remedy. Weston’s world came crashing to a halt, his studies suffering until Seibell told him that she wanted nothing more than for him to graduate.

Weston buckled back down to his studies, but he was forever changed. Gone was the bright-eyed youth who would swear that the world was a good and just place. All that remained was a scarred man who knew that justice was something that needed to be fought for, and even then most people couldn’t win the battle. Weston plans on graduating and adventuring, as the Academy intends, dispensing justice for those who cannot win it for themselves.

Seibell is still alive, though now she’s bedridden in the care of the nuns she once worked beside to heal the sick. She and Weston have come to terms with her impending death, and are determined to face it with maturity and dignity. Secretly, Weston also intends to scour the earth for any traces of a medicine or magic that could save his beloved Seibel.

Weston Tarmel
Race: Centaur
Occupation: Ranger/Student
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 468 lbs.
Body: 6
Mind: 5
Soul: 5
Health Points: 75
Energy Points: 50
ACV/DCV: 6/4
Attributes: Ground Speed 1, Damn Healthy! 2, Natural Weapons (Hooves, +5 kick damage) 1, Combat Mastery 1, Highly Skilled 3, Animal Friendship 3, Bow Bunny (Dead Eye, One Bullet Left, Steady Hand) 3, Personal Gear (Crossbow, Travel Gear, Leather Armor, Herbalist Kit, Knife, Guisarme (treat as Naginata)) 1, Focused Damage: Crossbow 1, Extra Attack 1
Defects: Awkward 1, Awkward Size 1, Marked 2, Attack Restriction (Innocents) 2, Recurring Nightmares (death of lover) 1, Significant Other (lover) 1

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