The Eye of Istar

An artifact that allows the wielder to see into the future...but only at great cost.Aura strong divination; CL 20th
Slot none; Weight

Istar was the greatest diviner in the world. At birth, she was abandoned as an abomination, for she was born with a third eye in the middle of her forehead. However, she soon became renowned for the powers this eye brought her, for it allowed her to see into the future almost effortlessly. Even as her body decayed, her third eye remained sought after, and was eventually taken from her corpse by a group of shameless grave robbers.

The eye of Istar must be placed in an empty eye socket in order to be used. Those who use the eye to replace one of their own gain an immediate +4 enhancement bonus to Wisdom and a +2 insight bonus to AC and Reflex saves. Additionally, they gain arcane sight and true seeing as persistent abilities. Finally, the wielder of the eye can use greater scrying at will as a spell-like ability. All spell effects are at CL 20th.

Those who wield the eye truly see everything at once, past and future, and that rush of knowledge often brings insanity. Every use of the eye’s scrying ability requires a DC 20 Will save. Failure means the character goes temporarily insane, and is affected as though he were the victim of a confusion spell for one day per point the save failed by (CL 20th). Additionally, a DC 25 Will save against this insanity is required for every month the wielder retains the eye. Failure of the monthly saving throw means that the wielder goes permanently insane unless cured by a miracle or wish spell.

The eye of Istar can be destroyed by being returned to Istar’s grave and placed back in her empty eye socket. Unfortunately, the diviner’s grave has been lost for centuries, and even powerful divinations have been unable to find it. Most sages speculate that finding Istar’s lost remains can only be achieved through repeated scryings from the eye of Istar itself.


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