Pique LaLiberté

Attractive and confident, Pique is theoretically a protoypical hardboiled PI.Pique used to have all the gracious beauty of an actress out of an old 1950s film noir. Unfortunately, her Geena Davis-esque looks gradually became replaced by the Barbie doll and Britney Spears image of manufactured beauty of plastic surgery. At the age of 28, Pique has paid hard-earned money for her girl next door good looks and brown Bambi eyes. Despite these alterations, she still has a sultry aura of her own.

Pique was born into a well-to-do corporate family. She was an only child, and had the advantage of private schooling and a safe, relatively quiet life in the suburbs.

After college, Pique went to work for Militech as a corporate investigator. She found her position quite frustrating since her father, one of Militech’s execs, kept pulling strings so that she would have an easy time of things. Pique ended up getting low-risk, high profile jobs that got her glory for doing next to nothing. While the setup seemed nice for a while, Pique was a talented woman who had graduated at the top of her class (although she suddenly suspected that daddy had bought her straight As as well), and became extremely frustrated that she didn’t have the opportunity to challenge herself. She quit her job at Militech and eventually went through training as an officer with the Night City Police Department. Although her skills would have been more suited towards vice squad or detective work, she tried for the cyber squad, looking for a sense of danger that her parents didn’t allow. This time it was her mother, an official on the city council, that got her a desk job. Seething in frustration, Pique quit her job and fell out of contact with her parents.

Pique now freelances as a private investigator in Night City. She initially struggled in her business, but has achieved more success after cosmetic surgery allowed her a wide range of…talents. She has the most success working corporate jobs, but prefers customers who want her to investigate or entrap corporate execs. And if the occasional runner wants her to go after Militech, she usually takes the job for free.

Pique prefers to see herself as an old-fashioned hard-boiled detective. She dislikes people who try to do things for her, and likes to think that she can handle any situation. Pique also tends to make sure that she has several contingency plans before going into a job; not every task can be solved with an “I shoot it” approach.

Despite her determined nature, Pique still has a bit of her pampered life as an only child with her. She still lives in the suburbs, and remains used to a slightly better mode of living than most residents of Night City. As such, she tends to avoid areas such as the combat zone that would remind her how well off she really is.

Pique LaLiberté

INT 7, REF 8, TECH 6, COOL 8
ATTR 9, LUCK 5, MA 7, BODY 7
EMP 4, Run 21, Leap 5.25, Lift 280
Save 7, BTM -2

Neural Processor
Midnight Lady Sexual Implant, Contraceptive Implant

Authority +7, Aware/Notice +5, Handgun +2, Human Perception +4, Athletics +4, Education +6, Brawling +2, Melee +2, Interrogation +5, Streetwise +4, Personal Grooming +4, Wardrobe/Style +2, Swimming +4, Seduction +3, Social +2, Persuasion +4, Hide/Evade +3, Library Search +2, Shadow/Track +5, Driving +3, Aikido +5, Stealth +3, Basic Tech +4

Pique has a variety of outfits for work, ranging from glittery black dresses to ragged old street clothes. When she’s doing a field job, she dresses simply in a pair of jeans, a button-up, usually white shirt, and a lightly armored leather jacket. She keeps a Militech Arms Avenger on hand, but rarely uses it. Pique is not used to gun combat, and prefers more subtle methods of dealing with foes, such as slipping knockout drugs into someone’s drink.

Initiative +8
Armor: Arms 14, Torse 14
Attacks: Militech Arms Avenger (Type P, WA 0, Con. J, Dmg. 2d6+1 (9mm), #Shots 10, ROF 2, Rel. VR, Range 50m) +10


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