Melody Felino

Who doesn't appreciate a fiesty cat-witch?by Nick Culver

Melody Felino is one of the few neko-jin, or catfolk, to graduate from Sir Gutain’s Academy for the Alternatively Talented in the ranks of magic users. Most end up as rogues, huntsmen, or warriors, specialized in areas that appeal to the rough and tumble or laid back nature of neko-jin. As such, Melody is somewhat of an oddity. She’s shown a large amount of dedication and intelligence, bringing her to the attention of Sir Gutain, who assigned her to learn the art of summoning and dismissing creatures.

Despite her assignment, Melody had quite a problem actually learning the material. Being a fairly passive person herself, she never wished to attend the school for the “Alternatively Talented.” The elder Felino, however, an adventurer in his own right, demanded that she do so, informing her that, as a neko-jin, the only place she really fit in was in the margins, in the shadows with other self-made outcasts. After a long departure that was tearful on both sides, Melody was forced to give up her housework based pursuits and attend the Academy.

On top of her chronic homesickness, Melody suffers from a low self esteem, though she has improved somewhat in recent years. The combination of shyness and sadness made it very hard for her to learn summoning. To help her, Sir Gutain gave her the remnants of a summoning artifact that he found a great many years ago. The cards were of little help to him, and most of them had been lost during the years, but the few that remained were given to Melody to help her in her studies. Within a few years, she had mastered the magic cards, the six of them a tiny deck of friends for her to play with and get help from.

Melody tends to be a little quiet about herself, and not all too self motivated. She also tends to be very compassionate and kindly, reluctant to enter combat and very slow to anger. Melody thinks that violence is wrong in general, though she is willing to fight on occasion, and would rather avoid it at all costs if possible. She provides counsel when she can, and is willing to use subterfuge to get her way. She tends to be a little shy and embarrassed when queried about herself. Melody is intrigued by the more noble parts of the world, and sees a certain amount of poetic, often tragic beauty about her cards. She knows little about the legends that surround them, but she feels that they have something heroic and sad about them. Melody’s deck is only six cards at present, including the 3 of swords (Grief), the Knight of Swords, the Empress, the Wheel of Fortune, Strength, and the Lovers. The cards, when held forth, each have a special effect, based on their symbol (for example, the Empress fades into view). The card disappears to rejoin the deck, but they are mysteriously never far away, even in the most unlikely and dire circumstances. The fact that the deck never leaves her side is a source of great comfort to Melody. Other cards that she may discover are Judgment (St. Micheal), Death (Gwyn Ap Nudd), The World (the Pheonix), and The Devil (St. Dunstan).

Melody Felino
Occupation: Summoner/Student
Age: 17 ½ years old
Sex: Female
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 121 lbs.
Body: 4
Mind: 5
Soul: 7
Health Points: 55
Energy Points: 70
ACV/DCV: 5/3
Attributes: Animal Friendship 2, Art of Distraction 1, Highly Skilled 1, Heightened Senses (sight, hearing) 2, Energy Bonus 1, Personal Gear 1 (horse and tack, writing supplies and blank book, cooking supplies, sewing supplies, travel gear)
Special Attributes: Magic 3 (Summon Grief (three robed knights, represented by the three of swords in the tarot deck, Flunkies 3), Zodiac (acts as Divine Relation 3, each use requires 1 EP, represented by the wheel of fortune card), Return to the Deck (Exorcism 3), Box the Deck (Spirit Ward 2), Summon Guinevere (summons friendly spirit with little combat ability, represented by the empress card, Servant 4), Summon Knight (summons high knight with much swordsmanship, represented by the knight of swords, Servant 3), Summon Gog and Magog (Summons two treants, very strong, represented by the strength card, Servant 6, each is built on 15 character points), Summon Creiddylad and Gwythyr (summons lovers with combined mood altering charm abilities, represented by the lovers card, servant level 6, each built on 15 character points))
Defects: Marked 2 (cat person), Easily Distracted (tends to try to solve problems vicariously) 2
Skills: Cooking (traveling) 1, Artisan (tailoring) 1, Cultural Arts (occultism) 3, Linguistics (elven, draconic) 2, Riding (horse) 1, Writing (fiction) 2, Unarmed Defense (strikes) 1, Ranged Defense (personal) 1


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