The Owlbear

Is he an owl? Is he a bear? Or is he...both?David Ernst was a nobody. A garbage collector by trade, he had parents who were ashamed of him, a wife who had just left him, and a boss who treated him like he was the filth in the back of his truck. After drinking too much and running the wrong collection route, his boss gave him a pink slip. Thanks to some groveling from Ernst, his boss allowed him to finish out the week in order to make rent money. It didn’t matter, though – his landlord had sold his apartment complex, and the new owner wanted Ernst out immediately. Fed up with a world that treated him like a joke, Ernst vowed revenge.

As luck would have it, one of the stops on Ernst’s final route was the secret lair of the Zoo Crew – a B-list group of animal-themed supervillains. After several sound thrashings, the Zoo Crew had decided to call it quits and threw out their costumes. Ernst found the remains of their career in villainy and got an idea. He picked the costumes and technology out of the trash and started piecing them together that night, determined to finally be a man worthy of respect. Unfortunately, he was also drinking heavily and wound up sewing the head of the Barn Owl’s costume onto the body of Grizzly Gregg’s power suit. The result was the ornery Owlbear.

The Owlbear (Power Level 8)

Str +10 (30), Dex +0 (10), Con +10 (30), Int -1 (8), Wis -1 (8), Cha +0 (10)
Toughness +10, Fortitude +10, Reflex +5, Will +4

Skills: Drive 6 (+6), Intimidate 7 (+7), Notice 7 (+6), Profession (trash collector) 6 (+5), Sense Motive 6 (+5)

Feats: Improved Grab, Power Attack

Powers: Device 16 (Bear Suit): Enhanced Strength 18, Enhanced Constitution 18, Impervious Toughness 8, Strike 4 (claws, Extras: mighty, penetrating), Super Strength 6; Device 4 (Owl Helmet): Super-Senses 2 (Darkvision, Ultra-Hearing), Sonic Control 9

Combat: Attack +4, Damage +10 (unarmed) or +14 (claws), Defense +6, Initiative +0

Math: Abilities 0 + Skills 8 (32 ranks) + Feats 2 + Powers 80 + Combat 20 + Saves 10 = 120 PP

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