Mick Mannus

He's literally the man with half a face.Mick Mannus is 34 years old. He’s survived numerous assassination attempts, and he’s still around. He plans on being around as long as he wants, no matter who gets in his way.

Mannus has messed with his physique so much through cybernetics that he looks like some kind of monster. Not that anyone would dare say that to his disfigured face, however. He stands 6’5″ and 310 pounds, almost all of it muscle thanks to the grafts that he received when he was younger. An attempt on his life left most of the right side of his face melted off. While grafting skin over the subdermal armor that he placed there could work, Mannus chooses to show only the metal underneath as proof that he’s not afraid of anything and that no one’s gonna take him out of life early. Mick has a glowing red cyberoptic that he keeps under mirrorshades that are tinted just lightly enough to give a hint of the red light coming from underneath. Combined with skinweave that Mannus bought out of his own paranoia, the man looks quite like the monster that he makes himself out to be.

Mick Mannus came over from Scotland when he was only a kid. They adapted rather well to the environment of the streets, to the point where they lost all but the smallest hints of their accent. Mick’s parents were corporate execs, and Mannus started his empire with blackmail schemes. His parents were killed when he was getting going, but he just went on with business as usual. When he was only 17, Mannus hooked up with a street doctor named Vibe, and the two hatched a plan to build up an intimidating rep for Mick. As part of this plan, Vibe laced him up with muscle grafts and bone weave. Mannus became a physical behemoth, and he was almost all muscle. They hired lackeys to set up scams on the streets and in corporate offices, stressing to the folks that they dealt with that Mick Mannus was a very scary man. All through these times, Mick was but a whisper on the streets, and didn’t show himself much in public.

A few years later, Mannus did some traveling to the Pacific Rim and learned some mighty fine martial arts skills. He especially enjoyed the art of sumo, where he wasn’t the biggest of contenders, but more than made up for it with his incredible muscle mass. Then, after years of planning, Mannus finally set up a base of operations. He immediately let Vibe go back to the street corners without even a nod or a thank you. The two haven’t spoken since.

At the age of 22, Mannus met his wife Julia. The two were quite an item, and got married two years later. Their marriage got stale quickly, but Julia never summoned the courage to leave. Eventually, Mick fell in with Julia’s best friend Moira. Although Julia protested, Mick took Moira on as an advisor. Moira watched out for Mannus for quite some time, and Julia began fading into the background as Mick continued building his criminal empire. Their affair went sour when one of Mick’s associates tried leading a faction against him, and the fight came down to Mick and three other guys. Mannus lost much of the right half of his face when it got doused in acid, but he ended up being the one still standing. Moira left, and Mick blames her departure on his magled appearance, even though he refuses to change it.

Eventually, Mick and Julia separated over their conflicting views on Mannus’ business. Julia eventually came back, but Mick has always had a few flings on the side since then. He tells Julia that they mean nothing to him, and Julia tells herself that she believes him. Mick’s marriage underwent a bit more tension a year later when Moira died in an AV crash. Mick was too busy to go to her funeral at the time, but he sent a few retainers and a fruit basket for her boyfriend. Julia got furious about the lack of respect to someone who had loved him, but Mick simply refused discussion. Ultimately the pair began fighting over Mick’s constant affairs. Julia left for a little while, and Mick promised to stop cheating. When she came back, he changed his mind. Mick’s criminal deeds have since taken up more and more of his time, while Julia sits in the background with a couple bodyguards that won’t let her do anything and keep her a prisoner in her own home.

Mick might be a decent antagonist for the PCs. He’s got real paranoia problems, and is far from the most humane person in the world. He might hire the PCs, or they might be used against him. Either way, he isn’t stupid and won’t confront an armed group of cyberpunks directly.

As an additional possibility, Julia could be an interesting involvement for the PCs. She’s treated as a possession by Mick and has convinced herself that she loves him too much to leave him. In a more ethics-oriented game, the PCs might be involved in helping Julia away from Mick.

Mick Mannus
INT 7, REF 6, TECH 6, COOL 9
ATTR 3, LUCK 8, MA 6, BODY 14
EMP 3, Run 18, Leap 4.5, Lift 560
Stun 14, BTM -5

Neural Processor
SP 8 Subdermal armor (plating on right side of face; he doesn’t have any skin over the plate)
Bioware: Grafted Muscle, Muscle and Bone Lace, SP 12 Skinweave
Right Cyberoptic

Resources +9, Aware/Notice +4, Human Perception +6, Education +2, Library Search +3, Social +5, Persuasion +3, Stock Markey +7, Wardrobe & Style +4, Personal Grooming +4, Endurance +5, Strength Feat +8, Interrogation +6, Intimidate +8, Oratory +4, Streetwise +9, Leadership +6, Gamble +5, Hide/Evade +4, Brawling +7, Driving +4, Handgun +5, Martial Art (Sumo- treat as wrestling) +8, Melee +4, Handgun +3, Electronics +4, Electronics Security +4, Forgery +5

Gear: Mannus has a Colt AMT 2000 beneath his lightly armored jacket. Despite the fact that he doesn’t involve himself in physical fights often, he’s always ready for some gun toting psycho to bust in his doors and start shooting, and keeps several armed guards around him as well as a backup Sternmyer 35. Mannus also keeps a portfolio of old love letters that he and his wife used to write each other in his desk, although he reads them less and less lately.

Initiative +6
Armor: Head 16, Torso/Arms 19, Legs 12
Attacks: Colt AMT 2000 (Type P, WA 0, Con J, Damage 4d6+1 (12mm), #Shots 8, ROF 1, Rel VR, Range 50m) +11
Sternmyer Type 35 (Type P, WA 0, Con J, Damage 3d6 (11mm), #Shots 8, ROF 2, Rel VR, Range 50m)

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