Leena Moorchild

Leena is ready to kick some butt.by Nick Culver

Leena is a relatively unexceptional student at the Academy, excepting her rather blinding leadership skills. She came here as a gift to her father, who is a distant relative of a noble, who’s footing Leena’s bill. She listed a while in her studies, not excelling at much other than command and organization. Her combat training was especially taxing.

Then Leena discovered an asset that is not covered in any of the classes or other trainings at the Academy: the power of sympathy for the ‘weaker’ sex. She never directly used her sex appeal, but used the biases and sympathies of her combat instructors to gain special instruction, focused itineraries, and other such individual attention.

Over the years, Leena’s become an organizer among her class, using her charm and strong willpower to drag class project after class project through to completion. She mingles her strong personality with her strong sex appeal, as Marlene Elmore puts it “like the two faces of a sword, only as one do they realize their power.” As such, Leena is very popular in her class, though she doesn’t let it go to her head. Leena tends to be very level-headed, cocky and self-assured. Her strength of will around the school is just short of legendary, and few students will shrink from her commands. She’s often the unspoken spokesperson of her class. It’s anticipated that when she graduates, Sir Gutain may assign her to a special task, or maybe to a military post.

Leena is manipulative and cunning. She has high moral standards about her ends, but is firmly convinced that they often justify questionable means. She doesn’t balk at lying, nor at subterfuge. She prefers to be in control, and as such, she tries to have as many aces up her sleeve as possible. Leena keeps a guisarme hidden in her katana space at all times as a “last resort” (or sometimes just to see the look of surprise when she pulls it out).

Leena Moorchild
Occupation: Swordswoman/Student
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 137 lbs.
Body: 6
Mind: 5
Soul: 7
Health Points: 85
Energy Points: 60
ACV/DCV: 7/5
Attributes: Appearance 4, Art of Distraction 1, Highly Skilled 2, Aura of Command 4, Combat Mastery 1, Personal Gear (Short Sword, Guisarme, Travel Gear, Horse and Tack, Mission Log Journal and Writing Implements) 1, Kensei (Judge Opponent, Katana Space, Lightning Draw, Chanbara Master) 4, Damn Healthy! 2
Defects: Guy Magnet 1, Easily Distracted (Methodology) 1
Skills: Acrobatics (Tumbling) 1, Military Science (Tactics) 2, Performing Arts (Dance) 1, Seduction (Male) 2, Sports (Fencing) 1, Stealth (Silent Movement) 1, Swimming (Diving) 1, Wilderness Survival (Forest) 2, Melee Attack (Sword, Bladed Staff) 1, Melee Defense (Sword) 1

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