Female Empowerment

I have the power!by Dominic Hefferan

The standard of female artists in the mainstream culture is in a rapid and steady decline. It seems that if any woman wants to become successful, she has to lose an unhealthy amount of weight, dress up like she’s a prostitute, and dance like she’s a stripper. This is apparently a good role model for young women.

Robin Antin, the founder of the Pussycat Dolls, had this to say about the contestants on a recent Pussycat Dolls special: “It makes me feel so good to see how much they change; all I’m doing is giving them more confidence.” [Charlie’s note: Those who don’t know about the Pussycat Dolls can find out about them here.] Do we really live in a society where people are so materialistic that they rely almost entirely upon image to boost their self worth? How can anyone be so incredibly dull?

Humanity as a whole promotes the idea that people will only pay attention to you if shamelessly market yourself. The standard for women today is unreachable by almost anyone, and is a stupid one anyway. The 6’2”, 110 pound woman is not attractive; it’s destructive. It annoys me greatly that young women all around the world just accept the notion that they should look like that. They’re being led to believe, through celebrities like Robin Antin, that to truly be empowered you have to first make the opposite sex attracted to you. Then, to keep their interest, you don’t engage in conversation or discuss an issue that interests you, but instead you have to keep them purely interested in the physical side.

That idea is pure bullshit. In the first place, personality is more important than looks, because all beauty fades one day. Secondly, even if we do take a purely physical look at matters, the modern standard of beauty isn’t particularly attractive. Singers and models are covered under layers of makeup and far too skinny. True beauty doesn’t come from hours of preparation. Its the kind that can exist 4 minutes after you’ve woken up, and 4 minutes before you go to bed after a very long day. The mainstream seems to have missed this entirely. And that truly is a problem. I long for the old days before plastic surgery could make any woman into a life sized Barbie doll, when it was okay for a wman to be curvy and have long hair. Yes, society was a great deal more restrictive back then and “empowered women” weren’t common, but the fact that a more egalitarian society exists today is not a result of women dancing around with skirts that barely cover underwear. It is a result of intelligent men and women protesting a society that did not give equal opportunities and pay to all of its members. When a women is hired, not because she is a woman, but because she is simply the best person for the job, that is female empowerment. I dread the day when this is forgotten.


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